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Psoriasis Treatment in Delhi: From Symptoms to Treatment

Psoriasis is a chronic condition that causes the rapid build-up of skin cells. This build-up of cells causes scaling on the skin’s surface. Inflammation and redness around the scales are fairly common. Psoriasis Treatment in Delhi can deliver you a better result. Typical psoriatic scales are whitish-silver and develop in thick, red patches. Sometimes, these patches will crack and bleed....


The increasing healthcare treatment cost around the western nation has pushed the patients across the world to travel India to avail quality hair transplant with higher successful rates at an affordable cost. When you are suffering from major hair fall or going bald and you want to opt for a hair transplantation, it is obvious that your budget would be...

India: Superior in Destinations for Medical Tourism

What is medical tourism? Medical tourism is globalizing healthcare industry. People go in search for health treatment in other countries for many reasons like cost, advanced technology, and better quality treatment. It is the growing industry as individuals are taking treatment from chronic diseases to cosmetic surgery apart from their home country. Medical tourism is very much expanding from a...

Why is India a Favorite Destination for Skin Treatments

India is well-known around the world for its ayurvedic treatments and holistic wellness therapies. Scores of international tourists visit India/Mumbai to refresh their soul, mind, and body. They practice meditation, yoga and go through beauty treatments which enhance their beauty and help them connect with nature. Nowadays, many international tourists also come to India in search of various medical treatments...

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