All You Need To Know About Neurosugeons

First and foremost, Neurosurgeons are regarded as God’s as they deal with the vital and integral part of a human body. A part which controls every part of the body; the Human Brain.

Neurosurgeons, neurologists, and other medical experts cooperate to give inpatient care and treating patients suffering from the complex neurological issue. Neurologists frequently work closely with neurosurgeons whereas they don’t perform surgery.

Neurosurgeon in India
Neurosurgeon in India

Best Neurosurgeons in India are favoured for every prominent medical field. India is the hub of all medical solutions especially NEURO. There are many ways to rectify neurological problems like Brain Tumours, Hematomas, Aneurysms, Skull fractures or infections. Neurosurgeries are not bound by age or size, anyone is anyone.

Well here is a brief on the types of surgeries done by a Neurosurgeons:

  • Tumours which includes the brain, spinal cord, nerves or the spine. Generally, require a minimum of 3 surgeries depending upon the size of a tumour.


  • Spinal issues pinching off nerves, weakness in arms or legs. These conditions occur as a result of joint bone, slippage of the vertebra, contaminations or cracks.


  • Brain disorders such as Parkinson’s disease, hydrocephalus (generally found in kids these days)etc


  • Peripheral nerve injuries which resulting in weakness in arms or sometimes legs too.


  • Neurovascular disorders such as strokes, brain haemorrhages, traumatic or non-traumatic blood clots affecting the brain or spinal cord.


  • Traumatic Injuries to the bones of the spine, nerves and skull.


All Neurosurgeons in India are strong build, their daily schedule is pretty tight. They offer operative as well as non-operative management of injuries. As they are trained extensively in diagnosis, Neurosurgeons are called by many emergency care and other practitioners.

Many times, Neurosurgeons rely on technologies, the BrainLabNeuronavigation enhances the skill of a neurosurgeon.

You might be thinking even if the patients alive how to determine whether the surgery went well or not?

Well for that we have 3 criteria specifically in regards to Brain Tumour: no neurological impairment should happen, the operation should confirm a Diagnosis and at last remove tumour as much as possible for long-term benefit.

Neurosurgeons qualifications are a lot, it takes a long time:

  • 4 years under graduation
  • 4 years masters in specialization
  • 7 years of Residency

Neurosurgeons in India treat inpatients as well as outpatients through medical tourism there are many companies to connect the patient and the doctor. Apart from being excellent in surgery, the Neurosurgeons in India are expert in patient care.

People are scared to go to a Neurosurgeon as it directly takes them to surgery, whereas Neurosurgery has different types. The number of neurosurgeons performing spine is far more than performing brain surgery. And one more thing, even though neurosurgeons operate a lot but they prefer non-surgical options first as it is less risky.

You must confuse now, which neurosurgeon to go to!

Well here is a list of Top Neurosurgeons in India;


  1. KekiTurel
  2. Alok Sharma
  3. Abhaya Kumar
  4. Ashok Hande
  5. SK Rajan
  6. Ajit Sinha
  7. Pawan Ojha
  8. V. R. Parikh
  9. S K Sogani
  10. Satnam Singh



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