Understand The Background Of Knee Replacement In India Now.

It’s a well known fact that great knees are a fundamental part for living a dynamic way of life. It is seen that knee problem is growing world wide, people in India are also going for Knee Replacement in India to a great extent. In any case, when damage or joint inflammation happens, especially osteoarthritis, your capacity to twist and flex your knees can wind up noticeably limited because of harm, irritation and pain. After some time, the harm advances and life turns out to be more troublesome and difficult. Crumbling of your joint and encompassing tissue can make it hard to perform essential day by day exercises, even while you sit or rests. As ligament wears and bone rubs against bone, torment and decreased mobility take after.

Knee Replacement surgery is a typical arrangement that gives relief to more than 90 percent of patients. By far most of knee substitution systems are utilized to treat osteoarthritis. Total Knee Replacement (TKR), likewise called add up to knee arthroplasty (TKA), is viewed as one of the most secure and best systems in orthopedics.

knee replacement in India

                                            knee replacement in India

Signs that add up to Knee Replacement –

  • Decay of the knee joint ligament ( osteoarthritis ).
  • Aggravation in the coating of the knee joint ( rheumatoid arthritis ).
  • Physical damage to the knee joint bringing about joint pain ( traumatic arthritis ).
  • Lost blood supply to the lower segment of the upper leg bone ( femoral condyle ) which prompts little breaks inside the bone and conceivable fall ( avascular necrosis ).
  • To remedy issues caused by beforehand failed surgeries.
  • Some breaks in the knee joint bones (cracks).

Osteoarthritis (OA)

One of the main reason that leads to Knee Replacement Surgery is Osteoarthritis. It is defined as a condition of progressive loss of articular cartilage within a joint resulting in pain. Another recognised risk factor for developing knee pain is OA. There should be more intake of protein and calcium which strengthen the bones and prevents the progression of Arthritis and pain. There are two types of OA-

Primary OA It  has a genetic basis but no other underlying pre-determinants.

Secondary OA- It may develop as a consequence of multiple causes. It’s basically common between siblings and especially identical twins.

Other reasons include Rheumatoid arthritis, Deformities, Knee injuries and Loss of blood flow.

Types of Knee Replacement Surgery

Here is the list of different types of Knee Replacement Surgery :-

Partial knee replacement

It is a minimally invasive method where the damaged part is supplanted with the metal implant. It is otherwise called uni – compartmental knee arthroplasty and frequently considered for patients experiencing Osteoarthritis. The plus point of this type of surgery is it requires little incision, includes less pain, less blood loss and in turn less pain.

Total knee replacement

In it a specialist repairs your knee joint by covering the thighbone with a metal covering and encasing the shinbone with plastic. The prosthesis replaces the unpleasant surfaces of the well used bone with smooth surfaces. It accounts to almost around 90% all knee replacement procedures. The method includes some removal of bone and ligament. After the surgery the patient need to spend 3-5 days in hospital for all the therapies and after sessions.

Kneecap replacement

Experiencing pain because of serious ligament harm and joint pain separated to the front piece of the knee can go through this operation. The under-surface of the kneecap and the trochlea is supplanted.

There are more types of knee replacement as well, like, Custom knee replacement, Bilateral knee replacement, Complex or Revision knee replacement.


Benefits Of Knee Replacement Surgery

Benefits of Knee Replacement

                                              Benefits of Knee Replacement

Best Hospitals In India for Knee Replacement Surgery

  1. Apollo Hospital– It introduces “The Ideal Knee” – the future for Total Knee Replacement through a new method- Attune Rotating Platform Knee Replacement, 1st in South India. It has it branches in all the major metropolitan cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, etc. Senior Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Lenin Chinnusamy, has achieved great success in this field.
  2. Fortis Hospital– The treatment in this hospital is no doubt world class. It has a network of 12 hospitals. The Fortis Hospital in Noida is India’s foremost tertiary care facility in Orthopedics. They give facilities like travel assistance, insurance services and financial services. Fortis hospital in Mumbai is also have best doctors for Knee Replacement surgery.
  3. Max Super Speciality Hospital, Delhi– It is one of the best hospitals in Delhi. It has a team of world class surgeons and has the highest standard of medical care. They provide different procedures as well, such as kidney transplant, knee transplant, bone marrow transplant, bariatric surgery.
  4. Artemis Hospital, Gurgaon- It is a NABH Accredited hospital. It is established by Artemis Health Sciences (AHS)- launched by the promoters of the Apollo Tyres Group. Its focus is on Oncology, Orthopedics and Joint Replacements, and many more. Orthopedic department has become the regional resource and preferred referral destination for orthopedic problems.
  5. Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital and Medical Research Institute, Mumbai- Its aim is to strengthen healthcare in the communities and empower patients to make informed choices. It has a specialized department for orthopedics and other joint surgeries.


Knee Surgery and Medical Tourism In India

Medical tourism is an all around characterized idea of patients looking for earnest or elective therapeutic techniques in different parts of the world. Medical Tourism in India can possibly welcome over a million therapeutic tourists every year.

Knee surgery in India is practical as well as treated under best therapeutic facilities. Value advantage being the real offering point, the cost differential no matter how you look at it is tremendous. It is just a tenth and once in a while even a sixteenth of the cost in the West.

Have a look at the amazing figures of the Indian Healthcare Industry and medical tourism in India:

  • 15,000 hospitals
  • 875000 beds in hospitals
  • 500000 doctors
  • 737000 attendants
  • 170 medical colleges
  • 350000 retail pharmacies
  • 18000 new doctors every year


Cost of Knee Replacement In India

India is the most favored medical tourism place as it gives low price Knee replacement surgery alternative for national and global medical visitors. The cost of this surgery is about 1/4th of the cost  in UK, US and other developed countries.

Procedure USA ($) Singapore($) UK($) India ($)
Total Knee Replacement 40000 10000 13000 8500
Knee replacement (unilateral) 32,000 25,000 38,000 3,000
Knee replacement (bilateral) 54,920 20,000 56,000 5,100