Effects of Pollution on skin

Effects of Pollution on the skin

Our skin comprises of three layers, each with its own level of importance. Skin requires particular care as it is one of the important element. The first layer is Epidermis, the second layer is Dermis and the Third layer is subcutaneous fat. The Epidermis is the layer on the outer side of the skin, the dermis is below the epidermis which is not visible, and the third layer is the layer of fat. The third layer helps to warm your skin. Now let us see what impact pollution has on your skin and which layer of the skin it affects the most.
The UVA (Ultraviolet) radiation harms the layer of the epidermis which can then lead to skin cancer. There are PAHs (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons) and VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) these are mainly emitted through smoke and emission from cars which can also damage the skin tissue which we can observe in metro cities. Epidermis being the outer layer of the skin is more affected than the other layers.
The negative impacts of air on the skin are far reaching. Impacts on the skin alone incorporate dryness, undue maturing, skin rashes, dermatitis. Many people realize that air pollution can be harmful to the well-being of the skin. Likewise, indoor pollution can also harm skin.
There has been an increase in pollution nowadays in metro cities, like Mumbai. This pollution will dull your skin and will lead to premature aging, wrinkles, acne and dark spots. Certain places in Mumbai like Sion, Bhandup, Vile Parle, Dadar are over-crowded. Because of which they are even prone to a lot of pollution. Pollution from factories come in contact with the air which then damages the skin cells.  Air pollution in these areas come from vehicles and other industrial areas.
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We also face skin problems such as high humidity, change in the climate, pollution, UV rays, etc.
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Following below are the ways in which you can protect your skin by using certain home remedies. But, it is good to visit skin specialist to reduce the chances of worse skin problems.
  1. Protecting the skin by applying sunscreen before leaving the house.
  2. Cleansing is important as it penetrates deep into the skin and cleans it completely.
  3. Moisturizing is always a plus point for your skin to look fresh.
  4. If you feel the urge of taking an expert advice, then it’s best to visit Skin Specialist in Mumbai for treatment.
It is important to clean your skin by the end of the day with fresh water as it will help in removing all the dust. It is important to wash your skin with mild soap and water.
Pollution can harm your skin in several ways. It can cause uneven skin tone, aging, skin rashes, and even skin cancer. Carbon Monoxide can give skin a dull look and other dust particles can clog your skin pores. Chemicals in the environment lead to premature skin aging.
There are 2 types of Pollution:
  1. Indoor Pollution
  2. Outdoor Pollution
 Indoor Pollution
Indoor pollution may take place because of stoves and chimneys and also from wooden dust. It can cause dry skin and rashes. There are few steps you can take to improve the well-being of your skin.
Allowing fresh outside air and using ventilation are best alternatives.
 Outdoor Pollution
When Air toxins dissolve the ozone layer, it enables bright radiation from the sun to get through the air. This causes various skin problems. Skin cancer, pollutants damaging skin cells all at the end will affect entire body cell. There are other major skin problems also taking place because of outdoor pollution.
Pollution is affecting your skin more than you might ever think about. Skin act as a protection from dirt, all the air pollution and sunlight comes in contact with it and damages it. There is a constant fight going on between the skin and the pollution. The main reason behind the skin damage is pollution. If you are exposing your skin more to the air; more it has the risk of skin related toxins.