Why India is the preferred destination for Liver transplant?

As we all know that India is emerging as the medical tourism hub for any healthcare treatment, this has opened door for many Indian hospitals for attracting patients from all around the globe. Indian hospitals are grabbing that opportunity to provide possible healthcare to everyone who are in need.

Government of India has also drafted policy such a way that which supports hospitals of India to excel their business in medical tourism.

This has changed the course for patient around the globe for choosing their healthcare facilities, as there are many reasons to do the liver transplant in India. Some of them I have listed below:

World class facility: Indian hospitals are as good as any hospital of developed countries. They are constantly expanding to compete with hospital from developed countries. As we all know liver transplant is a very complex procedure, it requires dedicated facility requirement and Indian hospitals can fulfil that.

Affordability: As medical tourism of India is famous for their affordability. The most important reason why the healthcare is so cheap in India is the the position of Indian rupee in global market. This has changed the course for liver transplant in India. The premium hospitals and facility for liver transplant are cheaper than any liver transplant hospital of other developed countries.

Latest technology innovation and implementation: Indian hospitals has their own research centres and facility which are constantly working to make human life better. Hospitals of India are also using latest treatment and diagnosis facility for liver transplant. They are also not afraid to try and implement the latest development in the field of liver transplant.

Indian doctors: As doctors from India carries high respect in the eyes of the patients from developed countries like US,Uk etc. They are considered to be one of the best in the world and they also live up to the expectations of patients. There are some of the doctors who has experience of more than 500 liver transplant surgeries.

Cost comparison of liver transplant in Different countries:

As we all know that India is one of the best affordable destinations for healthcare solutions, same goes for the liver transplantation. In simple words India is the pioneer in the field of affordable healthcare solution.

Country Estimated cost
USA 31,50,000rs.
Singapore 24,00,000rs
Germany 18,00,000rs
South Africa 18,00,000rs
United Kingdom 25,90,000rs
India 10,00,000rs

These are rough cost estimation; this can change according to complication of case and facility you choose. As you can see that there is vast difference in costing of liver transplant.

There are some government hospitals in India which do liver transplant at very minimal cost around 3 to 5 lakh Indian rupee. Where private hospital of India making their mark for liver transplant, side by side government hospitals serving the people very well. Government hospitals has developed another channel process to provide help to poor foreign liver transplant patients.

What a foreign/domestic patient do before coming to India for liver transplant?

Now having treatment in India for foregin patients has become very easy. What you need to do is that you have to have visa invitation latter from your hospital, you take this latter and apply for visa in Indian high commission office. They will issue medical visa.

But for the liver transplant patient situation is different, as sometimes you need to have a donor of liver. So first you need to be sure about the donor and donor’s compatibility before coming to India. For patients of India you need to take permission from the organ transfer authority of India, if the donor is not close relative. If the donor is diseased than you need to take permission of donor’s close relative.

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