Skin Rejuvenation Treatment in Mumbai


Skin rejuvenation is one of the preferred treatments for providing youthful appearance to your face. Irrespective of your age, skin rejuvenation treatment helps you to stay young forever.

Mumbai is one of the most popular destinations in India for skin rejuvenation treatment. Many national and international patients come to Mumbai for skin treatment due the availability of world-class treatment at highly affordable costs. There are many good skin clinics in Mumbai providing state-of-the-art infrastructure and modern techniques of treatment.

In case you are looking for skin rejuvenation treatment in Mumbai, we will provide you all the information about skin clinics in some of the prominent regions in Mumbai.

Rapid industrialization and changing lifestyle in Powai region there is a rise in skin problems. Skin specialists in Powai provides skin-related solutions to problems such as pimple, acne, infection, redness, plastic surgery, etc. Powai is one of the best in terms of providing skin rejuvenation treatment in Mumbai at low costs.

Also, there are many top skin specialists in Malad(West) providing excellent skin treatment some of the most popular ones are Dr. Sonia Tekchandani, Dr. Ravindra Dargainya, Dr. Saumil Desai among many others.

Navi Mumbai is also one of the entry points in Mumbai, and prominent locations for skin treatment. Kaya skin clinic is one of the most renowned skin clinics in Navi Mumbai providing solutions to skin concerns such as dull skin, ageing skin, acne and scars, pigmentation etc.

Goregaon is a suburb in the city of Mumbai and is famous for skin treatment in Mumbai at affordable costs. Many residents of Goregaon are facing skin problems and are looking for best skin specialist in Goregaon.


Common causes of the skin rejuvenation treatment

Skin ageing can be caused due to many factors which can be hereditary or lifestyle related. Some of the common causes of skin ageing are:

  • Malnutrition
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Smoking
  • Stress

Skin rejuvenation can treat many conditions such as static and dynamic wrinkle, scar, vascular conditions, hyper-pigmented skin with blotchiness or brown spots and other skin related conditions that cause loosening of skin.

The above conditions can be cause of age, birth control pills, pregnancy or other genetic factors. The outer skin sometimes gets uneven due to acne problem. A laser face skin rejuvenation treatment provides a controlled injury to the skin by improving skin condition.

If you are looking for a younger and fresher look, you can go for photo rejuvenation treatment which is applied with pixel 360 protocol. The lamp emits a safe, visible light making the skin look smoother by removing age spots and improving skin texture.

After healing, when the new skin is formed it gives you a tighter and younger looking skin. This procedure can be done in combination with other cosmetic surgeries of the face.


Procedure for skin rejuvenation treatment

The AFT system is used for skin rejuvenation which guarantees that the light having the correct wavelength is enabled to reach your skin. Age spots have a pigment called melanin, and blood vessels contain haemoglobin. When cells having plenty of melanin and haemoglobin hits with a specific light, they absorb energy and are instantly destroyed. Correct energy suitable to your skin type is delivered.

The number of treatments vary as per the area and depth of the skin. It takes around 30 to 45 minutes in treating certain parts of face in face skin rejuvenation treatment. For a full face treatment it requires upto 2 hours.

However, being an outpatient surgery and a cosmetic procedure in which anaesthesia is generally not required.

It is highly recommended to avoid excessive UV exposure. Swelling is considered normal in such circumstances. It is, however, advisable to consult a doctor who may recommend steroids to manage swelling.


Cost of Skin Rejuvenation treatment in Mumbai

Face plays an important role in our life. We invest a lot of money, time and effort to look good. Any imperfections in our face can have adverse psychological effects. Cosmetic surgery is essential to correct these imperfections.

Skin rejuvenation lightening treatment is a laser treatment that provides younger and fresher looking skin.  The cost of skin lightening treatment relies on flaw, number of sittings required and the depth of skin. Discuss all the associated costs with your doctor for skin lightening treatment.

One of the most famous dermatologists in Mumbai is Mr. Rinky Kapoor, who has worked with several movie stars.




Natural skin treatments in Mumbai are a thing of the old. Today, it is the era of advanced skin treatments in Mumbai. There are many options for skin treatments available in Mumbai.

Nowadays, laser skin treatment in Mumbai has become very popular. Apart from laser, Microdermabrasion skin treatment in Mumbai is also very popular. If you really want to do skin rejuvenation, it is important to choose one of the advanced skin treatment in Mumbai, performed by Dr. Rinky Kapoor.