Hair transplant for women in India

Women today have now become very proactive in matters relating to their health, looks and self-image. Ample nutrition, consistent exercise, regularly personal and professional physical examinations and information of her own body are all part of a woman’s priority list nowadays.

Hair loss is a cosmetic issue that is strictly unacceptable for women who are conscious about their appearance and self-image. Although hair loss is regarded as by the Indian society as something that happens mainly to men, it occurs in many women and probably in most women over a lifetime of 60 or more years.

Nowadays, women in India besides being self – dependent, have also become extremely concerned about their beauty and looks in which hair plays a significant role. Therefore, the number of women opting for the hair transplant is increasing day by day.

Hair loss does not occur only in older (post-menopausal) women. It occurs with relatively high frequency in women who are pre-menopausal, even in women in their 20s and 30s. When the hair loss crosses the red line then only hair transplant can help you regain your lost hair which will add on your appearance and the confidence to face the world.

Just as in men, hair loss in women also has a genetic connection and a family history of hair loss in the relatives. Women with a family history of hair loss may be particularly alert for any kind of symptoms of thinning hair on their scalps. At the first sign of hair loss, the woman may begin to seek a definitive treatment to

(1) halt hair loss

(2) restore lost hair

If medical treatment to stop hair loss is ineffective, the woman may turn to hair transplantation as a means of hair restoration in the bald areas of the scalp.

Where can you find the best hair transplant clinics in India?

For seeking hair transplant in India, you don’t have to take much pain. The major Indian cities have the best hair transplant clinics which provide excellent treatment at an unbelievably low cost. The clinics of Hair transplant in Cochin are also well known for the hair transplant treatment that they provide. Besides, being the major south Indian city Cochin is also an important city where hair transplant is done on a large scale. The hair transplant experts in Cochin use state-of-art technology and latest techniques to provide the best results.

Similarly, in western India, Goa is also highly recommended for hair transplant treatment. Goa is regarded as the hub of hair transplant experts in India who provide exceptional hair restoration surgeries at an affordable cost. The hair transplant in Goa is preferred over any other foreign country because of the latest technology that they use for treating hair loss.

When you visit the hair transplant clinic, the surgeon will first examine you thoroughly and then decide whether hair transplant is required or not. Many a time, Non-surgical procedures like Platelet Rich Plasma are also performed to restore the lost hair. In the case of women, the surgeon first looks for non-surgical options in order to treat the hair loss and if there is no way left except hair transplant, then only the surgeons will suggest you go for hair transplant. 

Is Hair Transplantation the Best Option for women?

One of the foremost questions to ponder over before going for hair transplantation is this: What is causing the woman’s hair loss? As discussed above, genetic female-pattern androgenetic alopecia is one of the prominent causes of hair loss in women. Not all causes of hair loss are treated by hair transplantation, and for some causes hair transplantation is not a viable option. Overall and careful examination by a hair restoration specialist will confirm the cause of hair loss and rule out other causes.

The patient’s expectations for the result are especially important and must be discussed deeply with the physician hair restoration specialist. Rational expectations for outcome must be agreed upon by both patient and physician before hair transplantation is undertaken. For example, a reasonable expectation is for enhanced appearance and elimination of visibly thinning hair. A less rational expectation is to “ask for stars” to achieve full hair density. Expectations for the outcome of hair transplantation must be consistent with results most likely to be achievable in an individual patient.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) will usually cost more than strip harvesting, and it often results in a more natural look and involve less scarring and post-operative pain. However, there are advantages and disadvantages to both methods.

When enquiring about hair replacement cost, it is important to keep in mind the value of the surgery. Also think about how much does the hair transplant cost when compared to an artificial wig, or the long-term use of medical treatments like Rogaine, Finasteride or laser therapy? Further, since the results are permanent, many people consider the surgery as an investment for their appearance, increased confidence and overall happiness.



  • Doctor For Me

    Hair fall can Occur in Both men as well as women and hair transplant is the best option to restore your original hair line.
    Thank You for sharing such an amazing article.

  • Gurleen singh

    Yes, I agree with you. Hair loss is a common problem of men and women. Basically, women are worry when they lose hair. Hair is a part of our body. Most women love their hair because hair makes them beautiful. My younger sister Lisa who was worried about hair loss. Then her friend suggested contact Garg Advance Hair Transplant Clinic. After Hair Transplant she is looking so pretty.