Common Skin Problems and Cure In India

Your skin is your body’s outer shell. It comes in contact with many harmful elements like chemicals, cuts, different infections, harmful sunrays etc. Everyone wants a flawless skin free from all skin problems. Getting a glowing skin is not impossible if you take care of your body skin. In India, there are many places where you can get the best skin specialist to cure all your skin problems. Among all the places in India, Metro cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore are the one of the best because here you will get experienced as well as skilled skin doctors, clinics which are well equipped with all the facilities, well-trained staff.

Being the most exposed organ of body skin has to face highly harmful outside environment. So. continuous care is necessary for maintaining healthy skin, you can find best skin specialist in every part of India but specified areas of metro cities like skin specialist in Bandra, Dadar have highly renowned doctors. In the western part of Mumbai, the skin specialist in Andheri West are well known for their quality of treatment at affordable cost. If you are residing outside Mumbai then you can find best skin specialist in Navi Mumbai, Thane.

Some of the common skin problems are listed below:

  1. Acne

Acne is one of the most common skin problems.  You can get acne on any part of your body like face, back etc. Acne occurs because of many reasons like your body producing excessive oil, the sticky skin cells of the body which clog the skin pores, bacteria which causes redness and burning sensation. If your acne is at a very high level then you will have to definitely visit a doctor. You can get the best skin specialist in Jayanagar for acne treatment.

  1. Age spots

Age spots one of the common skin issues with the people of old age. Age spots are the small brown spots on your body which comes with growing age. It happens because the cells which produce our skin color gets damaged with time and produce more and more pigment so you get this age spots on the most exposed parts of your body. These age spots can be removed with laser treatments. You will get the best skin specialist in HSR layout for this treatment.

  1. Scars

Scars can be caused by any surgery, injury, or any accident. It is the result of the damage which is caused to the skin. The old scars sometimes can’t be treated but the new ones can be treated with Fraxel laser. You can find the best skin specialist in Malleshwaram for this treatment.

  1. Varicose veins

Veins are the blue colored veins which you can see out of your skin’s surface. They are often hereditary, due to sun damage or may be because of the hormonal changes. This can be treated by the pulse dye laser but you may require three to four visits at the dermatologist’s clinic.

  1. White spots

The major reason for the occurrence of the white spots is the sun. You can blame the sun here. These white spots occur because of the damage that is caused to your skin because of the harmful sun rays. These white spots can also be vitiligo.  If it grows more you have to visit the dermatologists.

  1. Stretch marks

Stretch marks occur because of the rapid weight gain. The skin stretches and these marks come. It may be reddish, pinkish, and purplish at the initial stage and later turns white. The stretch marks can be best treated when they are at the initial stage. It can be treated with the help of laser treatment.

  1. Rosacea

Rosacea is skin condition in which you get small bumps around your nose and eyes, on the cheek area. The area of the skin gets reddish in this condition and if you get it to very high level then you should visit a skin doctor to bring it under control.

  1. Ingrown hairs

Ingrown hairs are the hair which grows under the skin or gets curl inside the skin. This happens mainly because of the shaving and waxing. You can treat ingrown hairs at home itself. Sometimes it can cause pus and redness, so for treating it, you can take a help of good dermatologists.

  1. Moles

A mole happens when skin grows in clusters rather than spreading out. It is more common in people with light skin. Some moles can be dangerous can take a form of deadly cancer. If you feel that some moles are not similar unlike other moles you can visit dermatologists for analysis of the mole.

  1. Birthmarks

A birthmark occurs because of the abnormal growth of the pigment cells. Some birthmarks fade or disappear with time. If the color of your birthmark is very dark then you will have to once show it to dermatologists. In some cases, the birthmark can also be a harmful one. It can also be removed with laser treatment.

  1. Sunburn

When the skin gets exposed to the harmful sun rays you can get the sun burn. In a sunburn, the skin turns red with and sometimes also with a burning sensation. A sunburn can be treated with Vitamin E oil. You can prevent yourself from sunburn by using the hats, sunglasses or you can also use a sunscreen.

  1. Eczema

Many people in America have eczema. Eczema sometimes can be very annoying as you will not be able to concentrate or disturb your sleep. There are many ways in which you can treat eczema. But if it gets worse you should visit a dermatologist to get help and to stop from spreading.