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Hair Transplant in Goa


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                   As we all know India is a very beautiful place to visit. Many people visit here to explore its historic places, nature’s beauty, temples, etc. Nowadays India is also emerging in medical tourism because of its better services at reasonable cost. Currently, Hair loss treatment in India is the biggest craze especially Hair transplant in Ludhiana and Hair transplant in Goa is a boom.

 India has revolutionized in scientific innovations, a pioneer in surgery being performed by Sushruta in 600 B.C as the biggest inventions in ancient history. The patrimony is being proceeded and we are glad to give the extent of wellbeing administrations in India. Specialists and other experts in India are excellent and give magnificent outcomes in individual fields.

The Indian hospitals use modern technologies in treatment with successful results. Something that makes us successful is the services we provide from start to end the journey of treatment at very affordable cost.

  India has performed over 100000s surgeries in modern times.

The cost of hair transplant surgery in India

 The cost of hair transplant in India may differ from clinic to clinic. India is not only affordable in treatment but also Hair transplant cost in Goa is the cheapest. The estimated cost for hair transplant in Goa for 1000 grafts is Rs.25000.00 – Rs.40000.00

This is due to the experienced doctors and free consultation been provided in India on Hair transplant by the experts in the field. The following cost comparison can suggest you take a better decision on Hair transplant according to your budget.

Country                            USA ($)   UK ($)    India ($)

Cost of hair transplant      20,000    18,000    3,000

Now I am going to explain you in detail about hair loss and hair transplant

Hair loss 

 Hair transplant treatment is a procedure performed on men and women who have significant hair loss, thinning hair, or bald spots where the hair growth stops. Hair loss in men is common due to genetic or age factor. The most common form of male pattern baldness is the hairline gradually receding to expose more and more of the forehead. They may also experience a gradual thinning of hair at the very top of the skull.

 Hair loss in women is very common due to hormonal change which may lead to thinning of hair of the entire head. Hair transplant surgery may be also undergone to replace hair loss due to burns, injury, or diseases of the scalp.

Such category of people needs to undergo hair transplant surgery. Let’s have a look at its procedure.

Step One: Before Your Transplant

 Here, together with the patient, the specialist decides the outskirts of the patient’s new hairline and what the thickness of the transplanted hair will be. A surmised number of transplanted unions is talked about. At long last, the patient is brought down to one of our exceptionally clean working rooms. Hair is trimmed off to enable access to contributor joins at the back of the head.

Step Two: Extracting Hair Grafts

 Amid an Advanced FUE operation, an instrument called the miniaturised scale engine is utilised to make a little, roundabout cut in the skin around a follicle, isolating it from the encompassing tissue. The join is then extricated (pulled) straightforwardly from the scalp, leaving a little gap. Extraction utilising the FUE technique does not create a lengthened scar generally connected with an FUT system.

 Utilising the small-scale engine enables our specialists to transplant up to 3500 joins in one methodology. The quantity of unions required for covering the thinning up top region is securely separated without harming the benefactor region at the back or sides of the head.

Step Three: Planting the Extracted Grafts

 At that point, the ranch stage starts. The ranch is the last period of the propelled FUE hair transplantation. During this stage, the separated unions are planted into the tricky (thinning up top) regions, one by one, after the normal hair development heading and making an exceptionally regular look. The transplanted hair holds the majority of its normal properties and keeps on developing all through life.

Step Four: Recovery

 Before you are released, our master will help you amid the main hair wash. It is critical that the principal hair wash is completed under a supervision of an authority to guarantee that no harm is done to the transplanted follicles. Each patient gets a unique cleanser and a moisturiser to treat the transplanted zones after the strategy.

This was the procedure of hair transplant in India. Now you would be thinking what happens after the hair transplant is done completely and we get back to our normal routine.

 Returning to Normal:

 How soon you continue your typical routine relies on upon the length, multifaceted nature and kind of surgery you’ve had. You may feel all around ok to backpedal to work and resume typical, light movement following a few days. Numerous patients who have had transplants (plugs or different unions) are alarmed to find that their “new” hair drops out inside a month and a half after surgery.

Keep in mind, this condition is ordinary and quite often impermanent. After hair drops out, it will take another five to a month and a half before hair development resumes. You can expect about a half-inch of development every month.

Why should one go for hair transplant?

 As hair transplant provides you with guaranteed and effective results so it’s beneficial. You look young and attractive than you used to be before. It is a permanent solution and one-time procedure. It is a cost-effective treatment.

Side effects of hair transplant

 Usually, there are fewer chances of side effects in hair transplant but it’s curable after complete treatment. Hiccups, Itching, cysts, swelling of the scalp, etc.


  I hope the article was worth reading for your information. You can now take a better decision related to your hair loss treatment according to your budget. I would recommend you to get your hair transplant done in India as it is affordable and the cheapest surgery is available in Goa with better and guaranteed results.