Hair transplant is a surgical process which involves the removal of hair follicles from a part of the body and planting them back on the affected portion.

The evolved advanced equipment and techniques for best hair transplant in India are making the huge difference in surgeries today, wherein the hair follicular clusters are restored in the affected baldness area seamlessly.

Countries like USA and Turkey are considered to be the best for hair transplant. India is booming as a medical tourism destination having state of the art medical facilities and hair transplant in Visakhapatnam and many other metropolitan cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Bengaluru are making their mark on the global platform.

Apart from Vishakapatnam, Jaipur is also a major city that provides hair restoration services. The hair transplant in Jaipur is known for the expert surgeons who have several years of experience in the field of hair transplant. Hair transplant clinics in Jaipur are well equipped with all the latest technologies that make the hair transplant procedure more effective.

Along with the above-mentioned cities, locations like Aurangabad are also famous for hair restoration procedures. The hair transplant in Aurangabad is done by the surgeons who have been trained in the foreign countries with the latest technologies and the modern methods of hair transplant which helps them to provide better results.

Follicular Hair Transplantation (FUT) is the most preferred hair transplantation technique, which can be processed in two ways which are (FUE)Follicular unit extraction and strip harvesting.

(FUE)follicular unit extraction is time taking and a manual process which offers natural hair growth results and leaves behind no marks.

FUE technique can be executed in a single or several sittings. FUE was a time consuming and a little costlier technique when compared to strip harvesting, but the use of automation and robotics has made the hair transplant technique more simplified and less time-consuming.

Strip harvesting is the most preferred and adopted technique by the surgeons and doctors, where the part of the skin is stripped from the back of the head with good hair grown area and is planted on the bald area whereas in (FUE)Follicular unit extraction the hair clusters are manually restored at the hairless area.

Strip harvesting technique leaves a slim scar at the donor area and the recovery of the affected area takes place within two weeks.

Before you make up your mind and opt for hair restoration, you might also like to know the steps and process which goes on while hair transplantation:

  1. Before the hair surgery begins, Donor area is trimmed properly.
  2. The donor area is injected with local anesthesia and is prepared for surgery.
  3. The tissue from the back of the head in the donor area which contains the hair follicles is restored surgically and the donor area is stitched.
  4. The scalp of the donor tissue is trimmed and with the help of microscopes, the surgical technicians observe the donor tissue for dissecting and prepares the hair graft follicular unit.
  5. After the anesthesia, the patient recipient area is prepared for the surgical process.
  6. A tiny surgical cut is made in the balding areas where the Follicular Unit Grafts are placed in an irregular pattern in the recipient area.
  7. Grafts placed according to their densities for lesser hair density, smaller graft containing 1 to 3 hairs are placed on the front of the hairline.For higher density, grafts containing 3 to 5 hair are placed behind.
  8. Immediately after the Hair Transplant Surgery, tiny incisions with short hair would be visible in the patient’s operated area.
  9. After the surgery, it leaves behind a surgical cut which gets healed naturally over a period of time.

After that you make up your mind for hair transplantation, these are the few pointers which can help you to choose the best place for hair transplant in India:

  1. The doctor or surgeon should be an Association of Hair Restoration Surgeons (AHRS) certified.
  2. The dermatologist should be well experienced and have extensive hair transplant training.
  3. Do a deep research about the doctor and their successful rate before you go for hair transplantation.
  4. Well experienced surgeon extracts the follicles himself and assures that the transaction rate is minimized.
  5. If a surgeon is offering very low rates, you must get an assurance from the doctor that the transplantation is being done by them. It might happen that his technicians would perform the surgery.


For major hair loss, hair restoration may be one of the best options but there is another lifesaving non-surgical option for you recommended by the hair specialist wherein with the help of finasteride and minoxidil you can slow down the rate of hair loss. This would provide you a natural appearance by adding density to small hair follicles.

In most of the cases the surgeons suggest a small forelock transplant which provides immediate improvement of your hairline but in some rare cases, the surgeons would suggest hair restoration treatment.

Some of the cities like Cochin and Goa are the most preferred destination in India which you can opt for and would provide you best and natural result.

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