The increasing healthcare treatment cost around the western nation has pushed the patients across the world to travel India to avail quality hair transplant with higher successful rates at an affordable cost.

When you are suffering from major hair fall or going bald and you want to opt for a hair transplantation, it is obvious that your budget would be the first thing that crosses your mind. Hence, it is advisable you spare some time on consultation and research to know better about the cost for the treatment and best hair transplant clinics in India before you set your budget.

Some of the cities like Delhi, Ludhiana and Chandigarh in the north while Visakhapatnam, Bangalore, and Hyderabad in the south  are the places wherein you can find best hair transplant surgeons in India.

Here are some factors which make India the best-preferred destinations across the world for hair transplant and makes your treatment easy going without any hassle:

  1. Low cost of treatment:

Yes, money is one of the biggest reasons why people are opting for countries like India for hair transplant. In fact, the hair transplant cost in India is 20 to 25% cheaper than most of the other countries.

The cost of the hair transplant surgery in countries like EUROPE and USA is between $5,000 to $10,000. Whereas the hair transplant in India generally starts from INR. 35,000 (approximately $540), which is even lesser than $1 per graft.

Hundreds and thousands of tourists across the world visit India to regain their lost beauty through this simple transplant procedure.

  1. Pre -Counselling

Well-trained and sound professionals are at your service beforehand the treatment. Not just that, you also receive detailed counseling along with step by step guidance which makes it easier for you to take the decision based on the expert advice.

Prior to opting for a hair transplant you can always compare and look for other options available to you.

  1. High-quality services:

India being well-recognized as a cultural hub receives many international tourists. When it comes to handling the global patients, India has proven to provide the best world-class medical service just like foreign counterparts.

Hospitals in India are well equipped with advanced technologies. Compassionate well-known surgeons, doctors, and nursing staff work efficiently on every patient individually and attend them personally. Hospitals and clinics in India aim to provide economical and quality services to patients.

  1. Less waiting time:

Services in India are well structured in a manner that the patients do not have to struggle and wait in queues for the treatment and the insurance formalities. Dedicated and trained medical practitioners are always ready to serve you wholeheartedly.

  1. Post-treatment counseling:

The hospitals in India are very much concerned about the healthcare of the patient. Thus, the hospital care executive will be in regular contact with you even after your treatment is successfully over, to observe and monitor your health and provide you post-operative suggestions.

  1. Well experienced surgeons:

India is well known for its expert surgeons and doctors. You can find numerous experienced doctors who deliver promising results undoubtedly and have 100% successful rates at various hospitals. They aim to provide you the best result and natural hair growth.

  1. Internationally and Nationally Renounced hospitals:

India is full of national and international healthcare-accredited hospitals. Hospitals here have dedicated group of people to serve you. India consists of many well-known private and government hospitals which have their dominating presence across the world.

  1. Guaranteed successful rates:

Hospitals in India are result oriented and deliver 100% successful result. The skilled and experienced surgeons and doctors perform surgery with a 100% successful mindset.

  1. Medical tourism:

Hospitals also offer you an attractive medical tourism package, which includes your treatment along with the accommodation and traveling.

All your external burden is taken care off and services are provided to you by the hospital staff.


As India is considered as the most preferred destination for hair transplant in terms of cost and affordability. I would also like to bring to your notice some of the factors that affect the cost of hair restoration in India:

  1. The procedure of the surgery:

Along with the technological advancement, there are other various types of hair transplant strategies that have become the important factor like FUT and FUE technique for hair transplantation, mini grafts, and scalp extension. Cost and time involved in each technique and procedure are different from each other.

  1. Location of the clinic:

The place and location of the hospital affect the hair transplantation cost and may also vary with the experience of the surgeon.

Surgeons and doctors across the world may offer you different restoration fees across the various countries having comparatively low rates.

  1. The popularity of the surgeon:

Apart from the above-mentioned factors, the experience and popularity of the surgeon also are one of the key factors which determine the fees of transplantation.

The top surgeons may offer you the high end premium package as well as the standard package, but mere price should not be the last point of your judgement.

These are the surgeons who have well experienced and will surely provide you the outstanding outcome.

  1. The frequency of hair fall:

Unhealthy hygiene and diet may cause you the loss of hair.

To get a lump sum idea of the fee for your hair transplant, you may visit your physician and can get the fair idea to know how serious the issue is.

After the diagnosis and looking at your present condition, your physician would provide you an estimate of the cost of hair restoration.


Important factors which you should consider before taking the correct choice and how the cost of hair transplantation affects the methods are as per the following:

  1. The need of Patient:

Generally, the cost for hair restoration depends upon the number of hair graft needed in per to cover the affected baldness area and the density that you opt for.

If you want maximum coverage of the bald area, with more number of hair grafts the cost will be higher and for the less density of the hair graft, the cost would be little lesser.

  1. Assessment by Doctor:

You should always take an assessment by the doctor as a pre-procedure measure to get the best result.

You can also look out for online consultation through various websites available.

  1. The reason of Hair loss:

Before going for the treatment, you should always find the reason of your baldness. It might be because of several reasons like genetic, diseases, chemotherapy or chronological diseases, etc. Hair loss might also occur due to the diseases are known as Alopecia Aerate.

  1. Suitable Technique:

As per your baldness level and the amount of density you need, a suitable technique is suggested for the best result when you go for hair transplantation.

FUT and FUE are the most preferred techniques which are suggested are per the doctor’s recommendations, they would also provide you the estimated cost of the hair transplant.

Surgeons also identify your safe donor zone and accordingly would suggest you the grafts extraction techniques.

  1. Number of Grafts:

The cost for restoration is calculated on the per graft basis. More the number of hair grafts, the more is the cost it takes. Generally, the cost of hair transplant for FUT is Rs. 20.00 to 40.00 per graft while for FUE it is between Rs 35.00 to 75.00 per graft.


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