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India is the seventh-biggest nation by region, the second-most crowded nation (with more than 1.2 billion individuals), and the most crowded majority rule government on the planet. Being such a crowded nation, the population is growing day by day in India, and the major reason for the growing demand of hair transplant in India is pollution. The people who live in the polluted areas in India are likely to go bald than those who are breathing cleaner air. The people who live in the metro cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi face problems like oily scalp, itching in scalp, dandruff and hair loss. The demand for Hair transplant in India is growing at a rapid pace. Hair transplant in India is available at a very low cost if it is compared to the other countries.

If you are thinking to go for a Hair Transplant treatment then you should also be aware of the cities where you can get the best hair transplant treatment in India. Hair transplant is available in cities like:

Mumbai -> Hair Transplant in Mumbai may depend upon the location of the clinic, the variety of equipment available in the clinic, the facilities of the clinic and the experience of the surgeon.

Cochin -> Hair Transplant in Cochin is available at a moderate cost if compared to other cities in India. Here you can get quality treatments within the cost that can fit into your pocket.

Delhi -> before going for Hair Transplant in Delhi you should first consider the factors such as the clinic’s reputation, the technology which is used by the clinic. First consultation fee for Hair transplant in Delhi NCR is free for some clinics.

Bangalore -> if you are planning to go for a Hair transplant treatment to be done in Bangalore then you can also search for the clinics which can give you some discounts. You can also think about going for an EMI facility.

Techniques of Hair Transplant

There are various techniques of Hair Transplant.

  • FUE
    fue hair transplant

    Follicular unit extraction

    Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is the most exceptional hair transplant technique. The specialist ought to be exceptionally all around talented and experienced to source out every individual follicular unit. One of the main considerations that choose the cost of transplants by FUE is the source of the hair follicles. You have to pay per follicle.

  • FUT

    Follicular unit transplantation

    In FUT, all the hair is gathered from the mid-area of the donor zone where the hair is generally permanent. This is done to expand the yield of high-quality grafts from the lasting zone.

    This picture given below will help you to understand the Hair transplant techniques in a much easier way

    Techniques of Hair Transplant

    Hair transplant techniques


    Cost of Hair Transplant in India

    Hair Transplant Cost

    Cost of Hair Transplant

    The Cost of Hair Transplant in India may differ depending on the Cities, the place where the clinic is situated, the after and before surgery services, the years of experience that the surgeon have, the technology used by the clinic for hair transplant surgery for e.g., robotic technology, the area of your baldness level, number of grafts required for Hair transplant surgery.

    The table given below will surely help you to understand the cost of hair transplant in different cities.

    Cities Rs. Per Graft
    Mumbai Rs.30.00- Rs.120.00
    Cochin Rs.30.00- Rs.40.00
    Delhi Rs.30.00- Rs.55.00
    Bangalore Rs.30.00- Rs.150.00


    So Hair Transplant Cost in Cochin if we compare it with other cities is available at a much moderate cost than other cities. Cochin is also a famous hub for medical services with high-quality treatments and skilled professionals.

    If you are planning to go for Hair transplant then you should also be aware of the side effects of a Hair transplant Surgery.

    Side effects of Hair transplant surgery

    • Bleeding

    Whether you are getting a follicular unit transplant or follicular unit extraction, there will be a couple cuts and scratches without any doubt, and there will be some blood incident. While most experienced experts will ensure that the blood adversity is restricted to the base possible still there might be some blood overflow in the post-operation period that can be controlled by pressing a dressing piece.

    • Pain

    FUE or FUT is a surgical method and there will without a doubt be some measure of torment, especially in FUT. While more often than not, the pro will give anesthesia, however, there are remarkable cases, where there is a pain even after the methodology has wrapped up. The master will prescribe you a couple of painkillers to avoid this during the post-operation period.

    • Swelling

    Swelling is a common thing which happens after hair transplant treatment. Swelling may sometimes change its destinations like sometimes it will be around the eyes, or on the forehead.

    • Hair Shedding

    You might be thinking that after having the hair transplant surgery your hair will grow thicker. But it’s not like the way you think, in fact after your hair transplant surgery for a temporary period you may experience hair fall first, and when there is a great loss of hair it is called as shedding. It is just a normal procedure after hair transplant surgery and you don’t have to worry about it much. The transplanted hairs drop out in 2-3 weeks and the new ones grow and become visible in 3-4 months.

    • Cysts

    Cysts generally grow when the grafts which are buried deep inside are not removed properly. In the majority of the circumstances, these sores can grow in a group of pimples. But you don’t have to worry much about these pimples as the will vanish within 1 week.

    • Infections

    Infections are likely to grow after Hair transplant whether you select the best hair transplant doctor in the world.

    • Hiccups

    This is a very rare side effect of hair transplant and it can last few days after you hair restoration treatment.

    • Numbness

    The Numbness is often because of cutting nerves in FUT system

    • Scarring

    On the off chance that you have experienced an FUE, then you will have modest miniaturized scale scars, which will vanish in half a month. What’s more, when new hair develops, these imprints will get covered up. If you have experienced an FUT, then you will undoubtedly have a straight scar, yet with appropriate hair development and a wisely chose style, you will have nothing to stress over.




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