India- Eminent Place for Hair Transplant Treatment


India- Eminent Place for Hair Transplant Treatment

The requirement of hair transplant treatment- Hair falling is a common problem nowadays.  The falling off 100 hairs per day is normal but more than this is not normal even it leads to baldness. There is only one permanent solution for baldness and that is hair transplant.

Hair Transplant procedure-Hair transplantation is the process of transferring hair follicles from one part of the head to another part which has lost hairs completely and permanently. This is a surgery which revives hair in the bald spot from taking it from the donor site.  The hair follicles are extracted from the site which doesn’t bald naturally and transplanted to the hairless site. The transplant is possible for eyebrows, eyelashes, pubic area and also in those spots which have lost hair due to an accident.

The difference between India and European countries-India is the fastest growing country in the world. If we talk about India in medical terms, then anyone can easily observe the growth of India from last few years to now. India is growing rapidly. Actually, India provides hair transplant treatment at the lower cost as compared to the developed countries. The people in the UK and US prefer these treatments because it is 20 to 25% of the cost in these western countries. For example, for a single hair follicle transplant in India, it costs 1 to 1.5 dollars whereas it will cost 5- 8 dollars in the US. 

After India, the next best option in terms of cost-effectiveness for the hair treatment patients is Turkey. This Eurasian country attracts hair transplant clients from all across the world since it offers high-quality service at a very affordable price. The availability of highly experienced hair surgeons and even more specialized trichologists makes hair transplant in Turkey a favorable option for anyone desiring effective hair treatment.

Cities in India for Hair Transplant Treatment-There are many options in India like hair transplant in Goa, Mumbai, Chandigarh, etc. Each city has its own quality in medication. All the good cities in India are best for hair transplant; Chandigarh is one of those cities. Chandigarh is a good place for medical services. Hair Transplant in Chandigarh a is affordable and the doctors are very qualified and experienced. The clinics are well-equipped.

There are commonly following types of techniques and these are-

  1. FUE Vs. FUT: The FUE means extraction of hairs from the donor site to the site which is bald. The doctor uses a small instrument to take out the hair and he goes on extracting and implanting them back till the bald portion of the head starts growing hair naturally. You might have understood that the surgeon goes on with this procedure for more than one day. This medical procedure will leave you with minor scars that will be not so evident unless you shave your head completely and that too since they are concentrated just above your nape, these scars have an insignificant effect on your looks. These scars, usually, don’t have any colour.

There are no major side effects of these treatments. The only one disadvantage of this treatment is that the patient may, in some cases, face the risk of losing the grafted hair. Except for the hairs concentrated in the middle of your head, hairs on another part of the head that is back and side portions of the head may lose hair easily. The hairs on the middle part of the head are permanent.

Although there are very less chances of hair transplant side effects if it is done from a reputed and high-quality centre. However, a person should be aware of the side effects of hair transplant before going for a hair transplant treatment.

FUT is follicular unit transplantation in which the doctor removes a strip of hair from a healthy portion of the head, which has abundant hair unlike the back or side portion in the case of FUE. Since the doctor removes hair from the healthy portion the success rate of this kind of transplantation is higher than FUE where the patients suffered a loss of transplanted hair soon after the procedure. Even though the success rate of this procedure is better than the previous one, it has one major issue. This kind of treatment leaves more scars than the previous one and patients prefer FUT over FUE for this reason.

  1. Platelet Rich plasma Therapy: This therapy is done by extracted blood from the patient and separates the platelet-rich plasma from the normal blood with the help of centrifuge. This is again injected into the scalp of the person who wants to grow hair naturally. The growth factors present in the blood helps the future growth of hair in bald areas. Since it separates platelets rich plasma from the blood, it is a non-invasive treatment. This can be done in addition to the above-mentioned surgical methods to hair a healthy shining hair within a short period of time, it’s completely worth.
  2. Robotic FUE Hair transplantation: The above- mentioned FUE technique is very much similar to this method, the only difference being the robot performing the surgery instead of a surgeon. The main reason why such a procedure is better is regarding the accuracy if the results. The ARTAS robot extracts the hair from that portion of the head, which has abundant hair and places it in bald areas of the head. The result of this treatment is high because the Robots perform this procedure thousands of time accurately than a human doctor with the help of the specifications fed by the doctor.

Conclusion-The massive population in India you can imagine the number of patients a hair specialist diagnoses every day. The more the number of cases the more will be the experience and skill of the doctor. So I again reiterate that India is the most sought after destination for hair transplant.

Indeed, there are many best doctors in India for hair transplant treatment but as I mentioned above that Chandigarh is one of those growing cities in India which are good for their medical services. Hair Transplant Cost in Chandigarh is lower that metros but the quality are maintained. The success rate of operations is very high in Chandigarh. Visit India to get best medical facilities at reasonable cost.