India –Desired place for cancer treatment

India –Desired Place for Cancer Treatment

Cancer is common word among us which we hear almost every day. We do not bother much about it if anyone is suffering from this. There has been a rapid rise in the graph of the number of Cancer cases in the world. Lack of awareness is the reason behind it or our casual approach towards available awareness and more importantly the tech savvy-lethargic lifestyle which we follow.

We need to thank an innovation and advancement in the field of medical sciences that we are in a position today to fight with this dangerous disease. Many people across the globe suffering from cancer face difficulties because whether their country does not have proper treatment facilities or if there is medication in the country, the medications are extremely costly for the ordinary citizens. Cancer hurts emotionally, financially and physically. Patient and the caregiver both go through tough life experiences and they are in a situation to take the tough decision in the short period of time.

India has suitable choices for cancer treatments. Quality and effective treatment at affordable cost attract many foreign nationals to head towards India for their cancer treatments. India is known for its hospitality and in a country where guests are treated equivalent to God (according to the India tradition), hence the people are taken good care of as there are best cancer hospitals in India for the treatment.

Although, There are many good cities in India, which give the best medication for Cancer treatment in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai etc. As we all know that Delhi is the capital of India and it’s one of the metros in India. All metros are very good for cancer but Cancer Hospitals in Delhi are extremely good as it’s the centre of India so all the facilities come first in Delhi even the best doctors of India are in Delhi, the best hospitals like Apollo hospital, Aiims etc are in Delhi. The Cancer Hospitals in Delhi provide latest techniques at the affordable cost.

Apart from cancer, hospitals in Delhi provide quality and affordable medical care to general and other critical illness. There are a number of government and private hospitals in Delhi which provide a range of services such as diagnosis, medical care, surgical services and physiotherapy. Presence of top list of hospitals in Delhi changed the perspective of health tourism in Delhi to a greater extent.

As we read about hospitals in Delhi, Mumbai is also known for chain of quality hospitals, which provide high quality and cost effective healthcare.  Mumbai is the financial hub and the life of people is busy and fast which hardly gives time to take care of our health. There are many reputed and well known hospitals in Mumbai, which give quality service to patients.

Following are the few reasons for paying foreigner’s visits in India-


India boasts of the latest technology and continuous development in the medical science field.


Research and Development in the field of cancer are high and an ongoing process at many institutes across India. This is happening because of the continuous availability of funds from the Indian Government and private funders for Research and Development. This leads to identifying new types of cancer and also new medicines and treatment methods are developed for an effective treatment.


India is well equipped with modern infrastructure and equipment, which help in accurate diagnosis and subsequent treatment. As the wise men say a correct diagnosis is half disease cured. In a case of cancer, an early and correct diagnosis is of prime importance. The availability of state of the art equipment helps in quicker and accurate diagnosis, especially when one type of cancer has varied subtypes. Most of the hospitals in India have all these under one roof, so for foreign nationals, it becomes a one stop shop, it becomes very easy and less taxing for the patients.


India is famous globally for the doctors and engineers it produces every year. It has a great pool of talented medical practitioners, with a proper mix of both new and experienced talents in the field of oncology and related disciplines. The doctors here are well equipped with the modern methods of treatments and are up to date with the new developments in the field of cancer. They are used to treating patients from varied backgrounds and social strata from different parts of India as well as the world. This makes them very adaptable, hence the foreign patients feel comfortable.


India has good diplomatic relationships with many countries across the world, this helps a lot in smooth visa processing. This can reduce a great amount of stress for the foreign patients and their caregivers who travel to India for treatments.


Language tends to be a barrier for foreign patients in some countries, but India is a multi-lingual country and most of the medical practitioners and hospital staff and the population, in general, speak multiple languages and are good in English, hence communication becomes easy.


The cancer treatments can be time-consuming; it may require the patient to stay in India for a few months. Leading cancer treating hospitals are in major metro cities like Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, etc. all these places have adequate accommodation options with varied price ranges. There are the star- hotels, business hotels, normal hotels, serviced apartments, the options are many. Commuting is also hassled free as cabs are available at your fingertips and they can also use metros or trains.


Above all cancer treatments in India are affordable for many foreign nationals compared to other countries providing quality cancer treatments. This becomes the main deciding factor for many foreign patients to opt for India. Who doesn’t like quality at affordable prices? Patients from many African countries, The Middle East, Europe as well as Asia prefer coming to India for cancer treatments.


India is growing rapidly. Developments are increasing including in the medical field as well. Visiting India is worth for Cancer treatment as research always goes on; new drugs are being found and used. People get international standard treatment at a fraction of the cost incurred in other developed countries.The people are generous and helping in India, the medical staff is completely cooperative. They give quality and personalised care, which makes the patients feel at ease as they feel at home. This speeds up their recovery because their minds are relaxed and they feel like their own place. As I mentioned about Delhi that Cancer Hospitals in Delhi are very good. These hospitals use latest techniques at the reasonable cost and actually, these hospitals deliver quality treatment to their patients.