India – A preferred destination for Cancer treatments.

Cancer Hospital in India

Cancer Hospital in India

The word “Cancer” has become so common that we hear it almost on a daily basis. At the same time, we do not bother much about it unless it has touched us or touched someone known to us. Globally there has been a steep raise in the graph of the number of Cancer cases.  We have to blame the lack of awareness or our casual approach towards available awareness and more importantly the tech savvy- lazy lifestyle we have got used to.

Ironically we have to thank the same technology and development in the field of medical sciences that we are in a position today to combat this deadly disease to a great extent. Many people across the globe suffering from cancer face difficulties because either their country does not have proper treatment facilities or if available, the treatments are very expensive for the commoners.Cancer is a draining experience – emotionally, physically and financially. Both the patient and the caregiver go through life changing experiences and are in a position to take the life changing decisions with not much time in hand to decide.

This is where best hospital in India comes in as a very suitable choice for cancer treatments. Quality and effective treatment at reasonable costs attract many foreign nationals to head towards India for their cancer treatments. India is known for its hospitality and in a country where guests are treated equivalent to God (according to the India tradition), hence the people are taken good care of.

Many people from across the globe prefer India for cancer treatment due to affordability of cost as compared to that of abroad. Here you get quality treatment, advanced technology and experienced practitioners.

There are many good hospitals in India for treatment in various metro cities such as Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Kolkata. Among these Mumbai and Bangalore are very popular in providing the best of medical staff and equipments to fight cancer. Tata Memorial Hospital is extremely reputed and is as considered one of the best cancer hospital in mumbai.

Apart from that there are many good cancer hospitals in Bangalore such as Apollo Hospital and Fortis Hospital offering latest technology for cancer treatment at highly affordable costs.

There are many other reasons why foreign nationals prefer India for their Cancer treatments, some of the reasons are listed below:


India boasts of the latest technology and continuous development in the medical science field.



Research and Development in the field of cancer is high and an ongoing process at many institutes across India.This is happening because of the continuous availability of funds from the Indian Government and private funders for Research and Development. This leads to identifying new types of cancer and also new medicines and treatment methods are developed for an effective treatment.



India is well equipped with modern infrastructure and equipment, which help in accurate diagnosis and subsequent treatment. As the wise men say a correct diagnosis is half disease cured. In the case of cancer, an early and correct diagnosis is of prime importance. The availability of state of the art equipment helps in quicker and accurate diagnosis, especially when one type of cancer has varied subtypes. Most of the hospitals in India have all these under one roof, so for foreign nationals, it becomes a one stop shop, it becomes very easy and less taxing for the patients.



India is famous globally for the doctors and engineers it produces every year. It has a great pool of talented medical practitioners, with a proper mix of both new and experienced talents in the field of oncology and related disciplines. The doctors here are well equipped with the modern methods of treatments and are up to date with the new developments in the field of cancer. They are used to treating patients from varied backgrounds and social strata from different parts of India as well as the world. This makes them very adaptable, hence the foreign patients feel comfortable.



India has good diplomatic relationships with many countries across the world, this helps a lot in smooth visa processing. This can reduce a great amount of stress for the foreign patients and their caregivers who travel to India for treatments.



Language tends to be a barrier for foreign patients in some countries, but India is a multi-lingual country and most of the medical practitioners and hospital staff and the population, in general, speak multiple languages and are good in English, hence communication becomes easy.



The cancer treatments can be time-consuming; it may require the patient to stay in India for a few months. Leading cancer treating hospitals are in major metro cities like Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, etc. all these places have adequate accommodation options with varied price ranges. There are a star- hotels, business hotels, normal hotels, serviced apartments, the options are many. Commuting is also hassled free as cabs are available at your fingertips and they can also use metros or trains.



Above all cancer treatments in India are affordable for many foreign nationals compared to other countries providing quality cancer treatments. This becomes the main deciding factor for many foreign patients to opt for India.Who doesn’t like quality at affordable prices? Patients from many African countries, The Middle East, Europe as well as Asia prefer coming to India for cancer treatments.

India is in a rapid growth stage. Lots of developments are happening including in the medical field as well. This is a great time to visit India for Cancer treatment as there is research happening continuously on cancer; new drugs are being found and used. People get international standard treatment at a fraction of the cost incurred in other developed countries.

The people of India, in general, are warm and helping, the medical staff is no exception. They give quality and personalized care, which makes the patients feel at ease and make them feel at home. This, in fact, helps in their speedy recovery, as a relaxed state of mind helps the physical body to heal well!