Knee Replacement Surgery


Knee replacement surgery is performed on people experiencing stiffness and pain in their knees. It is generally recommended to people over 50 years of age having severe osteoarthritis. This surgery is also recommended in cases where performing simple day-to-day activities become difficult and when other treatments have failed.

The procedure

The surgery is carried out either under the influence of general anesthesia or spinal/epidural anesthesia. Once this is done, an 8- 12 inch cut is made on the front side of the knee. The damaged part from the knee joint is removed from the surface of the bones and is shaped is such a way that it is able to hold a plastic or a metal artificial joint. A special material is used to attach the artificial joint to the thigh bone ,shin and knee cap. Once this is done the artificial part forms the joint with the support of the surrounding muscles and ligaments.

Recent Advances in Knee replacement surgery

Today, minimally invasive surgery has taken the medical world by a storm! Knee replacement surgery can also be performed as a minimally invasive surgery. Such a surgery makes use of specialized instruments and techniques which enables a surgeon to perform the surgery without making any large incision.

Advantages of knee replacement surgery

  1. Improves mobility
  2. freedom from pain
  3. Improves quality of life by making daily activities easier.