E-Cigarettes Lower The Possible Dangers For Smokers

e- cigarette

Have you tried giving up smoking and Failed? Alright, there is good news for you folks! A recent study has found that use of e-cigarettes lower the possible dangers for smokers using tobacco cigarettes. What are the profits of using e-cigarettes? E- Cigarettes finish the use of tobacco and nicotine. They are suitable alternative to tobacco cigarettes as they have numerous profits. 
Clinicspots has listed a few of the benefits of using e-cigarettes. These profits were discovered through customer survey as well as several scientific studies examining both the tobacco and e-cigarettes.

Benefit 1 : E-cigarettes do not have thick smoke.

  • Everybody knows that a normal tobacco cigarette has a very characteristic and a strong smell. But, an e-cigarette doesn’t! The smoke from a normal tobacco cigarette sticks to everything and like your clothes, your hair, and your bag- everything! An individual smoking it might not feel anything about: it but, a non smoker may not like the strong smell of the cigarette smoke. One of the main causes for the smell to be so strong is the chemicals present in a cigarette. Additionally to tobacco a normal tobacco cigarette is loaded with numerous chemicals whose properties reason the smoke to cling to diverse substances on burning. An e-cigarette does not have a strong smell when you exhale vapour instead of smoke. The vapour that is exhaled evaporates instantly. Individuals who have used e-cigarettes have reported that the vapour smells much like the cotton candy or even pop tarts. This shows that e-cigarettes have a better smell than the normal tobacco cigarettes.

Benefit 2 : E-cigarettes are less costly than normal tobacco cigarettes

  • Rising inflation has not secured cigarettes too! Increase in petrol and diesel fares have certainly affected the cigarette cost. Also, increase in the tax has also left several cigarettes smokers spell bound. Some years ago, cigarettes were very economical and one could buy a full packet for less than Rs. 10. Now days, a good quality cigarette packet might cost Rs.100. This tells that a smoker may end up spending in thousands every month for his supply of cigarettes! An e-cigarette’s initial cost of the kit may be high but an average monthly e-cigarette price is almost half to that of a normal tobacco cigarette smoking. Its batteries and cartomizers make up for most its cost and it will differ depending upon your utilization. Also, e-cigarettes are presently not under any sort of taxes like the normal tobacco cigarettes and with the advancement in technology the cost of e-cigarette will certainly go down.

Benefit 3 : E-cigarettes are safer

  • Normal tobacco cigarettes create a lot of smoke and strong displeasing smell. It also leads numerous fire related hazards. A study has revealed that cigarettes are number one reason of fire connected death in the US and rest of the nations. E-cigarettes on the other hand do not need an open flame thereby not reasoning any burns to your hair, clothes, furniture etc. If e-cigarettes are used as per its instructions, no damage will be lead.

Benefit 4 : Health

  • Though we do not declare that e-cigarettes are for good health, we certainly would like to bring forth the damage a normal tobacco cigarette can reason to your health. There are numerous studies to prove that cigarette smoking leads numerous health problems like lung cancer, heart attack, pneumonia, osteoporosis and even hair loss. This is because of the presence of numerous harmful chemicals present in the cigarette which are considered to be carcinogenic. Various e-cigarette users have reported of better physical fitness after switching to e-smoking.
E-cigarettes were first developed in China and were introduced to the U.S. market in 2007
This is a tobacco-free product.
E-cigs are actually vaporizers; instead of burning tobacco.


Nowadays, smoking is not measured as the “cool thing��? as it was seen once upon a time. A smoker might notice numerous restrictions in the region of where you can smoke. The government too has brought the idea of identify smoking zones for smokers in numerous places.

Many non –smokers are unable to bear smell of cigarette smoke. Additionally to this the health hazards reasoned by cigarette smoke give it a bad name anyway. Nowadays, a smoker is seen down by the society. Cigarette smoking can influence your social life negatively.

Smoking may also affect your job prospects from today more and more employers are taking critical eye towards smokers.

It must now be clear to you about the benefits e-smoking can provide you with over normal tobacco cigarettes. E-cigarettes are considered to be the best alternative for people longing for their daily dose of nicotine without using of intrusive ways.

So, let go the normal tobacco cigarette and try e-smoking!