How to control Dandruff

Majority of the people are confused about how to manage dandruff and avoid seeking medical assistance. Dandruff also known as Pityriasis simplex capillitii, is shedding of dead dry skin from the scalp. Dandruff can be either too small or big flakes of skin. When you are suffering from dandruff, the skin on the scalp tends to get very itchy and you cannot resist scratching your head.



Why does dandruff appear on your scalp? There are ample of reasons for the scalp to be affected by dandruff. It can cause an individual a lot of awkwardness in public. You may be inclined to scratch your head without realizing that you are being watched by others. There are instances when even children suffer from severe dandruff. The reason for this may be that children do not maintain proper hygiene and are not regular in washing their hair.

Dandruff is of two kinds, namely- it can be dry and it can be waxy or greasy. While moving your fingers through your hair you may come across a small bump, which could be dandruff. Healthy and balanced diet rich in vitamins and nutrients can be helpful. Inadequate amount of zinc and fats in our body may cause dandruff outbreak. The number of oil glands, either less or in excess may be another reason. Sharing comb, hairbrush or towel can cause the fungus to spread over your head. There could be a dandruff breakout due to excessive use of hair ironing, blow drying and using styling products.



Dandruff and hair loss are bound together most of the time, so if you are experiencing severe hair fall then you should be aware of ways to control both. Dandruff causes itchiness due to which you tend to scratch your scalp and this may cause the hair roots to weaken and result in hair loss.

Hair salons and parlors provide many treatments for dandruff. To treat dandruff, many people visit hair spas where the charges are very high. When you can try the best treatments at home, why waste so much money. It is necessary to use shampoo which is best suited for your hair, as the hair texture and the type of dandruff differ from person to person. Choose a shampoo which treats and controls dandruff. It is advisable to wash your hair every alternate day as daily washing it strips your hair of the natural oils that are secreted from the scalp to nourish your hair.


Home remedies

The ideal home remedies to restrict dandruff include the ones which have instant effect and show prompt results. Rather than leaving your hair open while travelling, cover it with a handkerchief, headscarf or a bandana. By doing so, you will protect your hair from pollution and harsh sunlight. Coconut oil treatment is considered as the best treatment for dandruff. Using vinegar or apple cider vinegar for controlling dandruff is a good option, as it manages the pH balance of the scalp. Eggs tend to be messy and smelly to use, but if it is acceptable to you then apply the egg yolk on your scalp and let it stay for 20 minutes. Wash it off with lukewarm water.



Dandruff may not be visible on your scalp but you may be susceptible to it. It is extremely necessary to prevent dandruff as it never warns us before coming. Clary sage oil helps to prevent dandruff and strengthen hair follicles. Using hair packs are very beneficial as it minimizes dandruff and also prevents it from reappearing. There are plenty of dermatologists who can guide you about controlling dandruff naturally, but be wary of all the bad suggestions given to you by people who are not exactly familiar with dandruff.

Always remember to follow a balanced diet, maintain hygiene and be stress free. But in case you suffer from severe dandruff and there is redness or swelling on the scalp, consult a good dermatologist who can provide proper and effective medication which might be required in your case. The remedies mentioned above will not be effective in curing stubborn dandruff.