Surprising Ways to Reduce Wrinkles

Wrinkle is a sign of aged skin.  Although wrinkles are associated with aging, fine lines can also start showing up at a younger age. But thanks, to cosmetic procedures wrinkles can be taken care of.  Dermatologists may employ everything from injectable fillers to laser resurfacing techniques to leave you face looking younger. Find some of the best skin specialists in Mumbai who can provide you with wrinkle solutions that match your skin type. However, there are also some natural ways that we have listed, which can help you reduce wrinkles.

Lie straight on your back while sleeping:

Sleep Straight on Back

Night after night sleeping in a certain position causes ‘sleep lines’, they are wrinkles that get etched on the upper layers of the skin and do not fade away when you’re up. Sleeping face down cause’s furrowed brow, while sleeping sideways gives you wrinkles on the cheeks and chin. You can minimize on new wrinkle by sleeping on your back.

Increase the intake of fish like salmon:

Salmon Usage

Salmon or any other cold water fish are rich in protein and omega-3 fatty acids. Protein is considered as one of the building blocks of healthy skin. According to experts, essential fatty acids help to nourish the skin and minimize wrinkles by keeping the skin plump and youthful.

Do not squint – get reading glasses!


Repeating the same expressions again and again – like squinting – overburden the facial muscles and form a groove below the skin’s surface. Ultimately the groove transforms into a wrinkle. Keep your eyes wide open and wear reading glasses if necessary. Understand the importance of sunglasses which help to protect the skin around the eyes from sun damage and keeps you from squinting.

Avoid washing your face frequently:

No Frequent Washing

Tap water peels off the natural oils and moisture from the skin which protect us against wrinkles. By washing your face too often, you also wash away its protection. Use soap that contains moisturizers or use a cream or gel facial cleaner instead.

Wear vitamin C:

Use Vitamin C

According to some studies it has been found that creams which contain vitamin C can help raise the production of collagen, protect us from the damage of UVA and UVB rays, decreases redness and reduces uneven skin and dark spots. For this you will have to utilize a skin product with proper type of vitamin C. For relief from wrinkles, it may be best to use L-ascorbic acid. Vitamin C ingredient can also be seen listed as ascorbyl palmitate.

Instead of coffee use cocoa:

Cocoa instead of Coffee

Consider including a wrinkle reducing drink. It has been found by researchers in one study that cocoa has two high level antioxidants, epicatechin and catechin which help to protect the skin from sun damage, improves the blood flow to the skin cells, keeps skin hydrated and makes it look and feel smoother.

Implement good skin care basics:

Skin Care Basics

To keep your skin looking young, you must start with the essentials. You must have heard this advice before, but it is crucial:

  • Do not smoke
  • Protect yourself from the sun
  • Wear sunscreen with a broad spectrum
  • Wear clothes which protects you from the sun
  • Use moisturizer