Laser Hair Removal


Laser hair removal technology is one of the best ways of hair removal today. This is a process where an intense beam of light is used to remove unwanted hair. The benefit of this method of hair removal is that it prevents further hair growth. The reason behind this is that the light beam destroys the hair follicles preventing the chances of any further hair growth. This is what makes laser hair removal the most effective and a very long lasting method of hair removal. People who are looking for hair transplant in Mumbai often confuse laser hair removal with a hair transplant procedure. To clear the confusion, Laser hair removal has got nothing to do with hair transplant. However. In certain cases, laser hair removal surgeries are done to make sure the hair transplant is proper, but it is a rare case.

Laser hair removal can be applied to your arms, legs, chin, face, underarms or around any region of unwanted hair.

For most girls, keeping a check on their ‘hair-status’ is a big issue. Checking your facial hair, armpits, and legs are a must before going out. Moreover, while picking a funky dress from the store it becomes essential for us to have a hair-check, be it any holiday or vacation whenever it concerns getting out of the house it becomes a must to ensure they are free of unwanted hair. This is one issue that is very troublesome and time consuming.

Laser hair removal provides a one-time solution to all such problems.

Many of you must be still in a doubt if laser hair removal is a permanent solution to hair removal problems or not.

Unlike The other solutions like shaving, waxing and plucking, which are time consuming and require extra services, time and a lot of pain laser hair removal technology is a permanent solution, is hustle free and doesn’t pain as much too. This treatment is done in 2 to 3 sessions, with an interval of a couple of months in between them. Once the treatment is done and over you can easily resume and go back to doing your daily activities. There is no lag or time required as healing period. One must only ensure they are not exposed to an extended period of sunlight, therefore skin specialist advice using a sun screen right after this treatment as extended exposure of sunlight on the skin can be very dangerous. But regardless of all these this is a permanent one time time solution to all your unwanted hair issues.

A very important to remember that the time span  of treatment differs, and most treatments need about four to six sessions to permanently and effectively reduce hair growth in the areas like the bikini, face, legs, back, arms,  and other areas of the body . Though the cost of repeated treatments can be high, there are often options available for laser hair removal financing.

In addition to that laser hair removal is also very less painful in comparison to other forms of hair removal methods. The pain again varies from person to person depending on the area of the body which is targeted.

Another benefit of this technology is that it removes and reduces ingrown hair. Ingrown hair commonly shows after one waxes or shaves. These are just the curled hair that grows inwards, inside the skin caused mostly when the hair is unevenly broken off with a sharp tip. Laser hair removing technology avoids such instances. In fact, when the hair grows back after a laser hair removal technology the new is more fine and soft.

Coming at the cost of laser hair removal technology, the costs depend upon the area of the body that is being targeted. The smaller the target area the lesser the sum of money required. Typically, depending on the area being treated laser hair removal could cost between $50 and $500.

In an average, a laser hair removal treatment on a small area like the bikini area can cost between $350 and $500. On the other hand the amount required to treat a larger area by laser hair removal technology, like the back or abdominal area could cost between $600 and $900 every time it’s treated. Areas like the underarms are the cheapest to treat, costs approximately range from $250 and $350. If you want to remove hair around the chest area it would cost you around $350 to $600.Areas like the upper and lower legs would cost an amount of around $600 to $850. Again, very sensitive and soft areas like the neck and face would cost you more, with prices ranging between $600 to $900 per treatment. But overall, if you calculate prices for a long term, the laser hair removal treatment is much less expensive than waxing or plucking.

Therefore, all these facts surely tell us that laser hair removal technology is a new generation, very effective hair removing technology that should be tried by everyone.