4 Practically Useful Tips on how to Grow Hair on a Bald Spot

Nowadays hair loss in men and women is not at all surprising. Thinning of hair and receding hairlines are major signals of hair loss which may eventually result in baldness. It is necessary to understand the causes of the unusual pattern of hair loss if you wish to grow back your hair quickly. Insufficient blood flow to the scalp and unhealthy habits and lifestyle are some of the most common causes which lead to hair loss. Using hair care products which contain harsh chemicals lead to unhealthy hair growth and as a result hair loss. Hence it is necessary to avoid using such products to maintain healthy hair. To overcome hair loss and baldness and boost hair growth, incorporate natural methods which are inexpensive.

Remedies for hair loss

Some remedies for hair loss given below may seem to be totally irrelevant but they are very beneficial to the people experiencing hair loss. If you are suffering from hair fall then it is crucial to recognize the reason for it. For some cases like chemotherapy, nothing can be done to stop hair loss but in most other cases it is the usage of harsh chemicals on your hair that leads to hair loss.

Cardiovascular exercises:

Cardiovascular Exercises

Blood flow increases to various parts of the body due to cardiovascular exercises and it also keeps the immune system healthy. People who are on the lookout for ways to grow their hair back naturally should contemplate doing cardiovascular exercises and workouts as a beneficial treatment option to hair loss issues. Regular workouts promote and improve hair growth. You could also seek advice from your physician regarding which exercises are most appropriate for you.

Scalp massage:

Scalp Massage

Frequently, inadequate blood circulation in the scalp region and hair follicles causes hair loss problems. Daily massaging the hair mildly for 5 to 10 minutes with coconut oil can stimulate healthy hair growth. So individuals who want to rectify their hair loss problems should opt for a scalp massage and expect positive results. Basically blood circulation to the scalp is encouraged by massaging which is crucial for natural hair growth. 

Healthy diet:

Healthy Diet

Inadequate nutrition is one of the main reasons for hair loss. If you wish to grow your hair quickly, then it is important for both, men and women to include a healthy diet plan in your daily routine. As we all know that hair is made up of proteins, it becomes all the more necessary to include a substantial amount of protein in your diet. Foods rich in protein are eggs, chicken, fish almonds, etc. It is advisable to take vitamin B supplements along with these foods to get hair back on the scalp. 

Hair transplant surgery:

Hair Transplant Surgery

Hair transplant procedure consists of removing the healthy hair from the back of your head and transplanting it on the bald patches on the scalp. This method of getting your hair back is excellent but it has a few side effects such as pain, discomfort and formation of scabs which disappear by themselves after a few days. If men are contemplating about how to grow their hair back then they should opt for this advanced surgery which is a good alternative.

Brushing the hair properly aids hair growth but excessive brushing of your hair can cause hair loss. Using a brush with boar bristle is recommended as it triggers flow of blood to the scalp region. Washing and shampooing your hair daily is harmful to the hair health. Besides this choose natural hair care products which has Aloe Vera and jojoba which are essential for hair growth.