Sperm freezing at IVF Centres

There is nothing in this world which is not possible. Let’s say, many women struggle to come out of infertility. It is very upsetting for them to listen to the stories of many other couples who finally have become pregnant after waiting of long years. It is horrible for the couple to imagine that they can’t have a baby. But now these all are old sayings, now a day just by spending few thousands of money on fertility treatment you can find your right way. There are many ways to cope up with all this and the most important way is IVF and one of them under IVF is sperm freezing. The next question coming to your mind may be what is sperm freezing? Well, let us know about it in depth.

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What is sperm freezing and storage?

  • Sperm freezing as well as sperm storage is a method where sperm cells are frozen for further use in future
  • Sperm cells are thawed and are frozen very well for more than 40 years
  • The sperms are frozen by using special techniques such as keeping it in liquid nitrogen at an approximate temperature of about -1960 C, it can be stored for as many years as you can but with a reasonable quality

Basically, sperm freezing is a procedure of men to preserve their sperm and store it in a bank for any further use. Many medical treatment such as cancer therapies or any other kind of disease can hinder the quality of the sperm. This is the reason why many people choose to freeze their sperm before getting into any of the medical treatments. Moreover, there is no information available as to how long frozen sperm can remain effective. In a successful pregnancy sperm of 20 years or older have been used.

Is sperm freezing and storage for me?

Storing the sperm may allow you to use them for further treatment in future. You may consider thawing your sperm if:-

  • You may suffer from medical treatment such that it may affect your fertility
  • You may have very low sperm count
  • It might be difficult for you to produce the sample on the day of fertility treatment
  • All above it if you are having any kind of operation that changes your sex

    How is the process performed?

    After the collection of samples, it gets placed on a warming block that is maintained at a temperature of about 370C to liquefy. At this particular time semen is mixed within the ratio of 1:1 with freezing medium, that allows the sperm to exists in the freezing condition.

    Freezing in Liquid Nitrogen

    These samples are frozen slowly in liquid nitrogen vapors. Once they are frozen into it, there are placed in the special containers. Each sample are taken proper and special care and they are labeled individually with date and unique number code on its sides.

    Test Thaw Procedure

    The survival rate of sperm after freezing vary widely depending upon the amount of sperm that is banked.

    What happens when sperm are frozen?

  • Before you agree to go further with this treatment, your doctor will explain you all the process in detail
  • You will be tested before the treatment for any infectious diseases, which all includes AIDS, hepatitis B and C
  • The clinic will take you in written and will ask you to sign the agreement that your sperm is stored
  • You are asked to produce a fresh sample of sperm in the clinic
  • After doing all the above procedure sperms are frozen and stored with the help of liquid nitrogen
  • What happens when sperm are stored?

    Whenever you store the sperm, it is necessary to keep the storage time as well as to keep in touch with the clinic

  • The standard period for a sperm to freeze is 10 years. This period can be extended under certain circumstances up to a period of 55 years
  • You have to keep the clinic informed about change in your residential address. So that they can contact you, when the period of your sperm storage is coming to an end

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  • What is the chance of having a baby with stored sperm?

    There are many cases where the frozen sperm does not survive, which basically means that after freezing there can be a reduction in its quality. But the best IVF centers in Ahmedabad are equipped to provide superior storage facilities which in no way harm the frozen sperm and help retain their quality. For each treatment cycle, the success rate varies depending on the age of the woman.



    Sperm freezing


    If the woman is:

  • under 35, the success rate is only about 19%
  • at an age of 35-39, the success rate goes to 15%
  • finally at 40-42, the success rate is hardly 7%