Lung Disease – A Respiratory Stoppage

“Smoking Cigarette causes cancer?. Is it really so? Question arises in everybody mind, but do people implement it in their day to day life even after knowing the consequences of smoking. One of the major consequences of smoking is LUNG CANCER.
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Lungs are the most important organ of our body as it helps in making oxygen and releasing carbon – di- oxide each day. From many part of the body, Lung disease can occur. It is found in men as well as in women.
In this world, Lung disease is the most common medical illness. Millions of people just because of their smoking habit are suffering from cancer. The most responsible key factor for this disease is Infection created in lungs because of smoking, and in some cases genetics are also responsible.

Three main types of lung disease are observed

Lung disease prevents the lung from working properly.

    1. Airway diseases :

In and out of the gases such as oxygen is affected by the tubes which carry gases, which is the main cause for the narrowing and blocking of the airways. Disease which affects the airways are :

    1. Asthma:it is a long term disease which goes through the problem of breathing. It is usually caused because of some kind of allergies.
    2. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) :This is defined as the person is not able to exhale normally, which leads to uneasy breathing.
    3. Emphysema :This causes a damage in the lungs and its results in the blockage trapped within the pipes. Its main function is that person finds difficulty in blowing out air.
    4. Acute bronchitis :There is a sudden infection in the windpipe, which is usually caused by a virus.
    5. Cystic fibrosis :From the bronchi there is a genetic condition of causing poor clearance of muscles.
  1. Lung tissue diseases :In this the structure of the lung tissue is affected. Lungs are not fully expanded if there is scarring or inflammation. Thus it becomes hard for the lungs to intake oxygen or release carbon – di- oxide. As a result, people feel as if there are wearing a tight sweater which doesn’t allow them to breathe. The example of lung tissue disease are Pulmonary fibrosis and Sarcoidosis.
  2. Lung circulation diseases :This disease is caused because of the affected blood vessel. Scarring, clotting, or inflammation are the causes in the blood vessels. They affect the ability to intake gases.They may also affect the heart functioning.

Signs and symptoms of lung diseases

Many people don’t get along through the symptoms of lung disease, they may find it out during a chest X – ray or during some routine checkup. Following are the symptoms of lung cancer, just have a look and check it with your doctor if you really have one of these:

  • Loss in the weight
  • Blood coming from the cough
  • Chest pain
  • Feeling tired
  • Loss in their daily routine diet

Lung disease affecting blood vessels

Low oxygen blood from the veins is received by the right side of the heart. Blood is pumped from the lungs through the pulmonary arteries. Blood vessel also get affected from these diseases.

  1. Pulmonary embolism (PE):Blood clot is observed which breaks off and it travels to the heart, and it is directly pumped of into the lungs. Thus this clot is lodged in the pulmonary artery which causes shortness in breathing and lowers down the oxygen level.
  2. Pulmonary Hypertension:Many leading condition can cause high blood pressure in the pulmonary arteries which causes chest pain. When there is no reason of identifying the cause, the condition is called as Idiopathic.

Treatment for lung diseases

Treatment basically depends upon the type of disease person is having. The treatment allotted for non small cell lung cancer differs from the treatment for small cell lung cancer:

  1. Small cell lung cancer Chemotherapy is the main treatment related to cancer. If the cancer is not spread in the Lymph glands in the center of the chest then, there is no recommendation for the surgery. It is usually spread that the time of diagnosing. To treat this kind of lung cancer Radiotherapy is also one of the technique used.
  2. Non small cell lung cancer Depending upon the type of cancer a person is suffering from, there are many treatments like surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy or the combination of these or biological theory is added in the treatment for the people having advanced lung cancer.

Preventing cancer is difficult, researchers are still working on its treatment, but nothing has yet came in common practice.