Hair Line Lowering Surgery

Do you feel that your facial features doesn’t look attractive just because your hair line is too high? Too large forehead can make your face look different and little out of balance. But the good news is that this problem can be corrected through a surgery known as Hair line lowering surgery. A very high hairline can make you feel very self-conscious. Excessively high hairline can be reduced with the help of Hair line lowering surgery.

If you are facing problem of higher hair line always ask a doctor online which would help you know about the fore head reduction surgery and the technologies used in it.

Who is the best candidate for the surgery?
The person who has a thick hair but feels that their hair line is too high is a good candidate for hairline surgery, People with thin hair are not considered as a good candidate. Health of the patient is also very important. Hair transplant procedure requires multiple sessions and takes a longer time as compared to Hair line lowering surgery.

What is Hairline lowering surgery?
Either local or general Anesthesia is used to perform Hair line surgery, the incision is placed across the hairline, after the surgery the hair starts growing over the incision thereby making scars unnoticeable. Healing of the scar depends on person to person. In most people it takes about 3-6 months for the scar to heal. The excess forehead skin is removed during the surgery and then the incision is closed. The surgeon may perform a two stage procedure if the hairline is considerably higher. This procedure is known as expansion assisted hairline advancement, here in this procedure the expander is inserted underneath the scalp behind the hairline. These expander is filled through injections of water which stretches the scalp.The device starts to increase the number of scalps with hair over a period of four to eight weeks. The expander is removed during the second surgery and the scalp tissue which is excess is used to lower the hairline.

What are the risks associated with Hairline surgery?
However safe a surgery is there is always a little risk associated with it. This surgery may cause infection, fluid accumulation, bleeding, numbness, etc. It might also lead to hair loss around the incisions, unfavorable scarring etc. The scar caused due to surgery may become more visible, as balding advances in men with progressive baldness. The risks associated with this surgery is however minor and are usually temporary, Always follow the instruction given by your surgeon as you and your surgeon can work together to minimize the risk, Be honest about your medical history.

What happens after Forehead Reduction or Hairline Lowering?
After the Hairline lowering surgery there can be some swelling in the head, eye, cheeks or forehead and this may take little time to recover but some people may recover early. To relieve the pain and swelling one should use ice compresses, a surgeon will prescribe some pain relief medicines however many patients don’t require much of the pain medicines. The patients also experience numbness in the front of scalp for few days or months. A patient might have an itching sensation which might be a good sign of recovery.

Once the surgery is done the incisions are covered with a dressing. Then with a week or two the doctor will remove the stitches, many people return to their daily activities immediately while few take some time to recover. Some swelling and bruising is also expected after the surgery.

What happens after Forehead Reduction or Hairline Lowering?
After the surgery you should relax at home at least for two weeks, you should also avoid activities that strains you such as bending, jogging etc to reduce the chance of bruising or swelling. However it is recommended to walk at a normal pace during this time. Most of the scars fade completely within 3 weeks.

How should one prepare for Hairline Lowering Surgery?
It is always important to clearly inform about your medical conditions to your surgeon, Prior to the week of surgery you should stop taking aspirin or inflammatory medicines to minimize bleeding and bruising, Your surgeon might provide you with the list of over the counter supplements and medications. Alcohol and salty foods should be avoided for three days before the surgery in order to decrease swelling and fluid retention.

What is the cost of Hair line reduction surgery?
The cost depends on different factors such as whether it’s a one stage surgery or two stage surgery and also depends on the surgeon performing the surgery.The cost is $ 7000 approximately for one-stage surgery and for two stage surgery its $ 10,000 to $ 14000. Health insurance does not cover Hair line reduction surgery as it is considered as a cosmetic procedure. However flexible payment options are offered by many doctors to make hairline reduction surgery affordable.