Know More About LLLT

LLLT is the abbreviation for low – level laser therapy (also called as low – level light therapy). This therapy utilize laser or light energy below a particular threshold and specific wavelength emerging from laser or LED devices. These machines produce no heat (thus also referred as cold lasers) and lasers/light get absorbed by target tissue. This process is completely safe for skin. It is regarded as the best way for hair treatments by dermatologists.

Theory behind LLLT

The cycle of hair growth comprise of three phases viz. anagen phase (growth phase), telogen phase (resting) and catagen phase (shedding phase). Hair loss during androgenic alopecia is due to testosterone derivative namely dihydrotestosterone (DTH). Low level laser therapy upturn flow of blood in scalp, thus stimulating growth and resting phase.

  • The photons emitted by laser light get on cytochrome c oxidase which leads to the production of ATP (adenosine triphosphate). ATP release energy and it stimulate metabolic processes vital for hair growth.
  • LLLT treatment drive cells to release nitric oxide which help scalp to get nutrient distribution and transfer of oxygen to hair roots.
  • It also prevent excessive production of DHT (Dihydrotestosterone).
  • The mechanism of LLT

    This process involve a laser/light emitting device which emits laser at specific wattage and wavelength. The specification varies for different treatments. For hair treatment, spectrum of visible red light is kept in range of 630 – 670 nanometer and low wattage power density of 4 – 92 mW/cm2 is used. This narrow spectrum get absorbed by molecules of hair follicles and tend to stimulate both hair growth & regrowth. This method is specifically beneficial for men and women suffering from androgenic alopecia by enhancing cellular activities i.e. in making aging cells more active and ultimately increasing effectiveness of hair growth. The spectrum emitted by laser machine get absorbed by enzyme cytochrome which send signals throughout the cells of hair follicles, which stimulate gene activities, thereby enhancing cell activities and survival. Research has shown that LLLT is most effective when hair loss is moderate and minimal. From below given table we can summarize the mechanism of low level laser technology.

    Wavelength(nM) Power(nM) Treatment Area
    Optimal Range 800 to 830 infrared laser
    100 to 500
    Up to 4.5 cm
    What it means A coherent, infra-red laser beam with a long wavelength of 800 to 830 nM allow deep tissue delivery, effective penetration into injured cells and optimal tissue repair. Low level laser device output power refer to the number of photons emitted at a particular wavelength and it helps us to determine optimal penetration and effectiveness. High power means more effective and shorter treatment duration. The treatment area (cm2) should be covered with one complete, coherent beam during each application. The larger the treatment area the fewer number of treatments required.

    Is LLLT the right treatment for you?

    There can be various reasons for hair loss like autoimmune, metabolic or infectious. It is widely recommended by the medical experts that medical treatment should be done on accurate diagnosis of its cause.

    According to medical experts, LLLT should be preferred for treating androgenic alopecia-inherited female and male pattern hair loss. It is also certified by FDA that laser comb are most effective in second to fifth class of androgenic alopecia.

    It has also found by medical experts that LLLT is most effective for those people who suffer hair loss at minimal to moderate level and it is not much effective for people suffering with major hair loss.

    Sessions required for LLLT

    If you want to know how much time it will require for the whole session of LLLT, it goes like this.

  • Laser therapy is delivered by professionals either at salon, clinic or at home.
  • It is recommended to have three to four weekly treatments and 10 to 20 minutes exposure of scalp under a head cap, handheld comb or bonnets which consist of light emitting diodes.
  • In initial phases, probably you have to go for two to three sessions per week but after three months of session it can be minimized to one session per week.
  • Overall it is recommended to go for at least 60 to 65 sessions for one entire year.
  • Are you in the right age and condition for LLLT?

    Since it is non-surgical procedure and with minimum side effect, it can be started at any age, i.e. it can get started right when you hair starts falling at a certain rate. But one thing which you should keep in mind that this technique is effective only when you have hair loss history of 5 to 6 year , if it is beyond that LLLT is not suitable for you. So it is recommended to have initial consultation before moving for this technique.

    Results of LLLT

    There are several aspects contributing for its result like level of hair loss, time span for hair loss being happening, proficiency of doctor etc. But usually visible result is that reduction in hair loss start from second to third week after 6 to 7 treatments. After undergoing treatment for 14 to 15 weeks, patient often report new hair growth which go on improving in later stages.

    Clinical Result

    Generally whole treatment is divided in three phase’s viz. phase 1, phase 2 and phase 3 which is spread for 26 weeks and 52 sessions.

    1 10 WEEKS 20 SESSIONS 90 % of patient reported at least 12% to 56% increase in hair count
    2 18 WEEKS 36 SESSIONS 92 % of patient reported at least 20% to 66% increase in hair count
    3 26 WEEKS 52 SESSIONS 96 % of patient reported at least 22% to 76% increase in hair countability

    Cost Comparison

    Although price depend upon several factors like location, proficiency of doctor and level of baldness of patient. But on an average it starts from 50$ per week.


    1. NON-INVASIVE AND PAINLESS : LLLT is a non-invasive method and hence completely free from any use of scalpel. And if you are ignoring any surgical methods, this one is one of the best technique for you.
    2. NO MEDICATION : There is absolutely no requirement for any kind of medication, and if you are avoiding any kind of medication, this technique will suit you.
    3. NO SIDE-EFFECTS : Generally no adverse side effects has been reported by the patient.
    4. NO SHAVING : Shaving is not required in this technique as oppose to FUT and FUE technique. So it is best for those who don’t want to shave their head, especially women.


    1. RESULT VARIES : The result for laser therapy varies largely on skill of doctor and condition of hair follicles.
    2. NUMBER OF SESSIONS : Patient often have to visit doctor for at least 2 to 3 times per week. So it make quite hectic for patient if they have busy schedule.


    Low level laser therapy is good option for you if you are avoiding any surgical method and any kind of medication. Since it is non-surgical method it is completely painless and non-invasive method. It is selected for treating both male and female baldness and it does not have any side-effect. Therefore it is completely safe and moreover it can be done for any age person as oppose to FUE or FUT. LLLT give more effect when it is combined with other treatments. It is especially more useful for women who cannot afford to shave their hair for sake of FUE and FUT techniques.