Facelift Procedure Overview

A facelift, which is additionally alluded to as a rhytidectomy, is a surgical system which repositions facial skin, fat, and muscles, decreasing wrinkles and makes a more youthful looking appearance. A facelift is normally looked for after by patients who are matured somewhere around 40 and 70 and are hinting at maturing.
Facelift surgery is frequently joined with an eyelid (blepharoplasty) surgery. The surgical method which is utilized for a facelift fluctuates with every patient, contingent upon the fancied objectives and results. Present day methods imply that this system can be performed with insignificant scarring.

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Recommended for

  • A face lift can target face wrinkles, facial drooping, cheeks, free skin, loss of versatility, eye sacks, and nasolabial folds.
  • It is prescribed for patients who have begun to hint at maturing and why should looking restore their looks.

    Prior to your treatment:

    Patients will talk about the fancied result and objective of the facelift with the specialist preceding the surgery.Patients who smoke will be encouraged to abstain from smoking in the time paving the way to the surgery and those taking blood diminishing.

    pharmaceutical, for example, headache medicine, will be encouraged to evade the prescription pre and post surgery. The general soundness of the patient will likewise be surveyed, so as to guarantee that they are fit for surgery.

    Patients ought to organize to have somebody to take them back to the lodging and to stay with them after the surgery. Patients ought to wear approximately fitted dress which don’t should be pulled over the head to tackle or off. Before undergoing any skin related treatment and procedures you must get consultation of a skin specialist like the best skin specialists in Andheri East.

    How is it performed

    The patient will be directed with a sedative. The specialist will make an entry point in the zone of the sanctuary hair, simply above and before the ear.
    . A cut is made under the ear cartilage and follows back to the back of the ear and mixes into the hairline. The skin is lifted as the specialist re positions and fixes the basic muscle and connective tissue. Some fat may be evacuated, and additionally abundance skin. The site is then shut with sutures.


    Nearby or general soporific.

    Procedure duration

    The Face lift takes 2 to 5 hours.

    After your treatment

    Post-procedure care

    After a facelift, the face will be wrapped for a couple of days, and a liquid waste tube may be connected. The face may feel numb, and it is prescribed to abstain from swimming or different games as the face may get harmed. The join are generally uprooted after around 7 to 12 days after the surgery.

    Conceivable uneasiness

    Swelling and inconvenience taking after surgery is inescapable, and patients ought to hope to have a week of rest after the system.


    Not Recommended for :

    A face lift may not be suitable for individuals who are substantial smokers, have diabetes or hypertension, or some other genuine well-being conditions, as these variables can influence the recuperating procedure.

    Potential dangers

    Facial nerve harm, dying, swelling and wounding, snugness when opening the mouth, deadness (at times up to 12 months), scarring, tissue misfortune, balding (especially sideburns in men), disease, response to anesthesia.