Why Yoga is Essential for Arthritis Patients

Yoga is a form of exercise that is so convenient for those suffering from chronic arthritis. This is because it can be done inside a room and does not require large space. The types of style used are not vigorous hence cannot cause more inflammation to the joints. Yoga focuses on the knees and the hip joint which are prone to arthritis. The patients who take yoga lessons have positive feedback, stating that they feel less pain around the joint. Yoga is said to be the best for women but can also help men who are suffering from arthritis.

Reasons why Yoga is Essential for Arthritis Patients

  1. Reduces joint pain : Arthritis patients have weak muscles and joints that are not flexible due to frequent pain. Yoga is of benefit to these patients since it has ability to increase flexibility and make the muscles strong. Flexible joints have less pain and are capable of burning excess cholesterol formed around them after movement.
  2. Enhances proper breathing : Yoga generally helps to reduce excess fat all over the body. In this case arthritis is associated with difficulties in breathing. This problem in breathing is caused by excess fat clogging around the lungs making them to function slowly. Difficulties in breathing arise from the excess fat that surrounds the lungs. Yoga helps to burn the fat surrounding the lungs hence ease the breathing difficulties. Arthritis patient can now have peace during the night without having to use inhaler to unblock the blocked lungs.
  3. Promoting joint health : Arthritis and joint pain are caused by reduction of cartilage that produces a fluid that helps joint movement. The fluid prevents joints from griding each other and causing inflammation. Yoga helps to improve production of cartilage which improves general joint health. The arthritis patients can now cope easily with less arthritis and joint pain.
  4. Increases mental energy :Yoga involves movement hence distracts the brain from thinking how hectic the day was. The arthritis patient can be able to experience a fresh brain hence giving mental energy. Yoga involves interesting activities that disrupt the mind from thinking about how arthritis is getting more chronic, the amount of money that has been used treating the ailment and many negative thoughts running over the patients mind. These patients are able to view life in a positive way and accept life as it is.
  5. Lowers level of depression : Depression is the chronic stage of stress and the patients are mostly suicidal. Yoga helps arthritis patients also suffering from depression have less time to think about suicide. During yoga sessions the patients meet new friends who share their past and help each other view life positively. These conversations help patients feel that they are not alone in their problems hence are able to reduce the level of depression as they continue attending the yoga classes.
  6. Improves appetite :Many patients suffering from different disease suffer from poor appetite. By attending the yoga sessions the body is able to get into activities hence hunger comes in. Before arriving home this patient will be complaining of hunger. The person taking care of such a patient will notice increase in appetite as the patient continue attending the yoga lessons. Increase in appetite leads to better immunity hence reducing the level of arthritis and joint pain.
  7. Increases Focus :Arthritis patients tend to get lazy and slow in their fields of work due to frequent pain. Their daily output gets less and less on a daily basis since they even lose hope I the business. Chronic arthritis can lead to losses in business if not handled with care. Once an arthritis patient gets to yoga lessons they change the negative perception on business, gain more focus and start making profits.
  8. Reduces low self esteem :Yoga sessions have all kind of people not necessarily the arthritis patients. There are some who are just there to reduce weight and gain shape. These different people with different reasons to take yoga lessons help the arthritis patients learn to accept their situation and think positive about life. High self esteem reduces the level of arthritis and joint pain.


Yoga and joint pain are directly related since yoga offer almost 50% of solution to the arthritis patients. Yoga is cheap since you can Google and follow the steps as it in the in the Internet. You can follow the yoga styles in YouTube and practice them at no cost. It is advisable to keep the body active in order to reduce the joint pains brought about by arthritis. Be alert on any pain however less frequent it can occur. Visit a doctor, who will perform tests on you, this will enable early treatment and prevent further spreading.

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