Temporary hair loss – a matter to worry

Are you losing your hair and feeling helpless because you cannot do anything? Periodically the answer to your question may lie in the answer that, growing your hair back might need to pluck a lot of old hair out of it and fixing it to another place.
Americans are not only famous for their looks and lush as everyone wonders. Their looks are admired by everyone—their diet tends to be high in fats, which may turn out to be harmful to the body. They are more addicted to dairy products, products related to animal fat and food material high in sugar content. All these food products contribute towards hair loss.
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Growth Cycle of hair:-

  • Along with the outermost layer of the scalp from the hair follicles, hair is produced.
  • As the body creates new of  hair follicles, the existing hair cells nourish the blood vessel to form keratin hair strands which are pushed through the hair follicle.

Each hair goes through different stages of the hair growth cycle such as:
1. ANAGEN- Cells are highly active which results in hair growth, which lasts between 2-6 years based on your body. And it is known as the growth phase for hair.
2. CATAGEN- In this transition phase in which growth stops and it lasts up to 3 weeks. During this stage, the club hair, that is preparing to shed, begins to take form.
3. TELOGEN – it lasts for about 3 months. This brings forth all the shed hairs.

This natural process follows the cycle of hair growth. Resulting in the thinning of the hair, hair growth process can be intersected. Although at first it is difficult to notice because thinning of hair continuously, will become unnoticeable that may affect  a person’s appearance.

Now let’s deal with Temporary Hair Loss-

    1. According to the study, temporary hair loss deals with non scarring alopecia.
    2. It means that there is a presence of follicles on the scalp, so regrowing of hair is not a major problem. It occurs when there happens to be an imbalance in the body.
    3. Stress, nutrient deficiency, ringworm, hereditary problem are the causes of non scarring alopecia. It is temporary because it itself corrects the imbalance in the body.
    4. It takes 3 months for the treatment of non scarring alopecia in the imbalanced body.
    5. In a study it was conducted that about 50%of women suffers from loss of hair during pregnancy. When a woman is expecting, there is happens to be a surge in the oestrogen levels, which helps her skin and hair to even get better.
    6. After giving birth to the child the level of oestrogen becomes normal and the hair responds to the small decrease in oestrogen by falling off. But it’s also due to some of the hair that would be coming out with both men and women, on a daily basis, is kept in during pregnancy. So women feel that their hair is more voluminous, and then it collapses after pregnancy.
    7. Inadequate amount of iron in the body may lead to the common cause of hair loss. Heavy periods can deplete the ferritin levels as can a vegetarian diet.
    8. The positive point in case of hair loss is that it is totally a reversible process. And the reason for that leads to the follicles from where the hair grows are still healthy.

What causes hair loss?

  1. You must have the genes that put you at the risk of female pattern hair loss.

This is the hair loss where the follicle miniaturizes. Until it gives up it becomes smaller and smaller and can start early as adolescence. So if a girl has got a fairly dominant gene, by the time she is 17, her hair will be thinning.

How do you treat it?

    1. Taking an anti-androgen orally is the best thing for female hair loss.
    2. It’s very important for every woman who is on pill should take extra care of their hairs. The less hair friendly it is because progestin makes the body sensitive to male hormones. Some contraceptives, including some implants and injections, contain just progestin.

How is it diagnosed?

  1. Looking at the inflammation where there are follicles where the hair is already gone, there will be no inflammation because the follicles have been destroyed from the inside.
  2. The tissue may get scarred and follicles start destroying. While doing biopsy follicles are not there as they are eventually burnt while half of the hairs are gone.