Is Hair Thinning from Stress Permanent?

Stress is something which almost all of us have to deal with it. It’s a fact of life, and while it can have its beneficent effects, like psychologically and physiologically both. One more threatening effects of stress is a condition called Telogen Effluvium. To be simpler, accurate and more precise the name actually means that a person starts showing thinning of hair due to stress. Stress does not contribute directly to one’s hair loss.

Being stressed out does not cause your hair to fall off from your head faster; rather, a person is actually under stress, he/she actually falls into certain personal habits such as smoking, drinking, etc that lead to hair loss. These personal habits have adverse effect of stress, and dealing with all of these in some or the other form helps to minimize stress-related hair loss.The most common complaint that includes being thin of hair and hair loss is due to stress that leads to baldness. ClinicSpots provides medical consultation online so that you can get solutions for your hair loss problems. You can also search for the best hair transplant services listed on our portal. Our aim is to ensure that everyone gets the best healthcare facilities within their budget.

Here are a few of these habits, and precautions you can take to avoid hair thinning:-

  1. Poor Diet
  • When people are overloaded with stress, they avoid their eating habits. A person whose diet is unbalanced, eventually suffer from a lot of different physical ailments, and frankly speaking hair loss would be the least of a person’s worries in this case.
  • However, hair loss is a warning sign that makes you aware that you should correct your eating habits.
  • Here is a little fact to show how an irregular diet may affect a person’s hair, normally a person shed, about 100 hair follicles a day, and these hair strands are then replaced by the body naturally.
  • People with an unbalanced diet usually lose 200 to 300 hairs per day, more than a body can retain immediately, and this leads to hair loss.
  • By including a balanced diet rich in protein, having low fats and carbohydrate content, this type of hair loss can be overcome, as the addition of these nutrients will definitely bring the rate at which you shed your hair back to normal levelhair loss stress

2. Alcohol And Cigarettes 

  • Sad to say about people even knowing about the consequences of cigarette they continue to smoke and drink just because they are easily available in the market and perhaps it is legal also
  • People are over indulged in all these drugs which creates high periods of stress
  • However, many times during stress, people who are mere casual social drinkers or smokers may suddenly increase the intake in order to cope with the problem
  • During these times, the high intake of alcohol or nicotine causes physical problems
  • You may have surely noticed that the chain-smokers, mostly have yellowed fingernails or yellow teeth or black lips
  • According to the studies, besides these facts, hair loss is also one of the effects of overindulgence in booze or smokes
  • The remedy for this is quite known to everyone; quit smoking or drinking
  • However, even if you’re not ready or willing to give them up, then at least reduce it slowly till nil, and avoid the habit of turning the bottle empty whenever you get stressed out.

3. Hair-Fiddling 

  • How funny it seems! When a lot of people carry habits that shows their nervousness throughout their life, mostly at times of stress, where some of them can actually lead to hair loss
  • There are many people who bite their nails, fiddle with their purse, twist a ball pen… Then there are people
  • Let’s say some girls, for example, have the habit of chewing the tips of their hair when they are nervous, which leads to a lot of split ends and hair damage
  • The nervous habits that lead to hair loss are the ones that involve more drastic versions of hair-nibbling, like actually pulling or twisting your own hair

Hair Loss Stress

Despite many little pieces of advices, however the fact still remains the same “stress” is still, ultimately, the cause of your hair falling out. The remedies given here are not permanent fixes, but if you really want to stop your own personal case of hair thinning, find the best way to deal with your stress. Try to laugh at your problems more, read books.

Above all, keeping healthy and having a positive, light, and a happy eye on the world keeps you stress free. Keep a constant smile on your face and in your heart, and you’ll be surprised to see how easy it can be to deal with the world in general.