Benefits of Turmeric for Skin and Hair

Turmeric is one among the India’s well known spices which is commonly known as Haldi. It has not only been used as spices for centuries it has also been used as a beauty product and medicine for many problems. It is a natural way of treating many skin problems; this helps you in getting a flawless skin. For generations, Turmeric has always been considered to be good for health.
Turmeric can do wonders for your skin, hair and health. It has antibacterial properties and also known to contain numerous antioxidants. From generations it has been used to cure many problems.

Below are some of the benefits of Turmeric for skin and hair:

  • Heals wounds, cuts and burns:

    Turmeric is known to have anti-bacterial properties which help to cure many skin related problems. For generations it has been used to heal small cuts and burns. Turmeric can provide quick relief from wounds, cuts and burns. You can also mix Aloe Vera gel with turmeric and apply it on wounds. This will heal your wounds early.

  • Reduces the signs of Aging:

    Using turmeric can help you reduce the signs of aging. It is an excellent exfoliating agent. Take equal amount of turmeric powder and gram flour, add some water to it and prepare a paste. You can even prepare this paste by using milk or yogurt. Apply this paste on your face and body and then leave it till it for some time so that it dries off, later wash it off with Luke warm water. Once you wash your face gently scrub your face in a circular motion.

  • Helps to Reduce Stretch Marks:

    Take a mixture of gram flour and turmeric; add some raw milk or yogurt or water. Apply this paste on the stretch marks. You will slowly notice stretch marks fade away.

  • Reduces Wrinkles:

    If you have wrinkles, you can manage it with the help of turmeric and some other ingredients. Take some turmeric powder, rice powder, add raw milk and tomato juice to it and prepare a face pack. Apply this mixture on your face and neck, keep it for 30 minutes. Then wash your face with lukewarm water. Applying the Paste of honey and turmeric on the face can also help to exfoliate skin.

  • Reduces Dark circle:

    Take some turmeric powder, buttermilk and sugar cane juice, mix it well and apply it on dark circles. This will work best to reduce dark circles.

  • Helps to get rid of acne:

    Turmeric not only cures scars and inflammation, but also helps to reduce oil secretion by the sebaceous glands. You just have to take some turmeric powder and add some drops of water and lemon juice to it and make a paste of it. Apply the paste on your face or acne affected area and leaves it for 15 minutes and then scrub it gently with plain water. You can also take the mixture of turmeric and sandalwood, prepare a face pack and then wash it off within 10 minutes.

  • Helps to control Dandruff and Hair loss:

    If you are suffering from dandruff or itching scalp then turmeric is a good option. It is known to rejuvenate scalp health and also helps to get rid of dandruff, itchiness etc. It also helps to promote hair growth.

  • Helps to Lighten Pigmentation:

    Turmeric will help you if you have pigmentation and discoloration. Turmeric even outs skin tone and lighten pigmentation. This is why you can find Haldi as one of the active ingredients in many natural skin care brands.

  • It controls facial hair growth:

    Applying turmeric daily can help you get rid of unwanted hair in your face. Many women face the problem of facial hair growth. Take gram flour or Chickpea flour and add some turmeric to it. Use it as a facial scrub. For better results, apply this paste for about a month.

  • Cracked heels:

    Take a mixture of coconut oil or castor oil and turmeric powder and apply it on cracked heels. This will help you get rid of cracked heels.

  • Improves the Elasticity of Skin:

    Regular use of turmeric can help keep your skin look young and fresh. It contains many antioxidants. It is known for stimulating new cell growth and to improve the elasticity of skin.

  • Helps to remove dead skin:

    Take the mixture of gram flour, turmeric and water and apply it on your body. Gently scrub while taking a bath. Doing this regularly can help you get rid of dead cells. This will help you get a glowing and spotless skin.

  • Chapped lips:

    Take a mixture of turmeric and milk and apply it both on your face as well as skin. Doing so will cleanse your face and also helps to treat dry and chapped lips.