Healthy Tips for Hair, Health and Skin

Healthy living is very necessary in today’s fast paced world. It is called healthy living when physical and mental health of the person is in balance and work in total rhythm with each other, they are often interrelated as they are affected by any changes in each other. Major diseases like diabetes, cancer, heart problem are caused by an unhealthy lifestyle.

Healthy and glowing skin and thick and lustrous hair is possible by having a proper health regime.

Listed below are a few tips for healthy lifestyle:

  • It is necessary to exercise regularly. Go for walks, jogging, cycling and swimming or play any sports as it helps the body immensely.
  • Sleep for at least 7 to 8 hours daily, proper sleep provides much needed rest to our body and keeps us alert and fresh. It utilizes this period to repair the wear and tear in the body.
  • Consuming a well-balanced diet can do wonders to your health. It is beneficial to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables to acquire necessary minerals and vitamins, and cut down on sugar and salt intakes.
  • It is necessary to remove some time for yourself every day. Utilize it to pursue any hobby or do things that give you pleasure as it helps to keep stress away. Even doing yoga and meditation helps to maintain overall health and act as a stress buster.
  • Drink plenty of water as it keeps us hydrated and helps to flush out the toxins from the body.
  • It is best not to smoke as it can cause cancer and many other health issues. Intake of alcohol also must be reduced if possible as its harmful to the overall health.
  • Be optimistic in life, keep negative thoughts away. There is a saying that laughter is the best medicine, so laugh away your blues and be content.
  • Family and friends fulfill our life and are the support system which enriches our existence in a positive way.


Healthy hair depends on genes, health and overall lifestyle of a person. Listed below are a few tips which help you to maintain healthy hair.

  • Take good care of your hair by protecting it from all the elements of nature like excessive sun, rain and wind. Hair becomes dry and gets damaged due to dust and pollution, so it is advisable to use an umbrella or cover your head with a scarf or dupatta.
  • While washing your hair be gentle, do not massage the shampoo aggressively in your scalp as it may damage the roots or cause breakage. Washing your hair daily must be avoided as we lose moisturizer from it.
  • After every wash do not forget to apply conditioner to your hair as it moisturizes it and helps to detangle it easily. But always remember never to apply the conditioner to the scalp as it damages the hair follicles.
  • Never comb or style your hair when they are wet as they may stretch and break. Wait for the hair to semi dry and then use the dryer to style your hair. Too much heat is bad for the hair so always try to keep the settings of flat iron, dryer and straightener to a minimum.
  • Do not rub your hair vigorously while drying, but pat it dry. Combs with plastic bristles are bad for your hair. Oiling the hair regularly is very beneficial as it strengthens it.
  • Avoid coloring your hair frequently as too many chemicals are not good for the hair. Do not leave hair products in for a longer period of time as it may damage the hair.
  • Eat healthy food which includes a lot of fruits and vegetables. Iron and proteins are very essential for the growth of hair.


Everyone wishes to have soft and radiant skin and it is possible by following a healthy lifestyle so that it delays aging and keeps skin problems away. Following the tips given below might help:

  • Too much sun exposure is not good for the skin as it causes wrinkles, skin problems and also skin cancer. Always use sunscreen when you are outdoors as it protects you from harmful UV rays and reapply it after every 3 hours
  • Prevention is better than cure in the case of wrinkles because being outdoors in the sun without adequate protection can damage your skin.
  • Smoking is not good for the skin as it narrows the tiny blood vessels which supply blood to the skin, thus depleting the skin of oxygen and making it look older and causing wrinkles.
  • Treat the skin with care, avoid having bath with hot water, instead use warm water and use mild soaps as it will prevent the skin from losing essential oils. Pat dry your skin and apply moisturizer so that the skin remains soft and supple.
  • For having younger looking skin eat a healthy diet, which comprises of lots of fruits and vegetables. Eat a diet rich in vitamin C as it is very good for the skin. Drink lots of water as it keeps the skin moisturized