Scalp Psoriasis

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What are the Symptoms of Scalp Psoriasis?

  • Its symptoms include slight, fine scaling. Further symptoms include:-
  1. Scaly, red, bumpy patches
  2. Dandruff-like flaking
  3. Dry scalp
  4. Burning
  5. Hair loss
  • It does not cause hair loss by itself, but scratching it harder, identifying scaly spots, harsh treatments and stress can lead to temporary hair loss.
  • However, you need not to worry, as soon as the skin clears your hair grows back
  • Scratching may only worsen the scalp
  • If you observe any of the symptoms, consult a doctor immediately, he will simply look after your skin to rule out for the treatment
  • Psoriasis develops in the area of inflammation and trauma, seborrheic dermatitis of the scalp can be confused with psoriasis since both can produce excess scale and itching

What Causes Scalp Psoriasis?


  • It is mostly accepted that psoriasis are genetic defect that affects mostly certain parts of immune system.
  • There may be an environmental factor hindering as well that triggers the initial development of the individuals.
  • Stress plays a casual role. There is no question; however, that psoriasis of the scalp can be an extremely stressful experience
  • If you observe any of the symptoms, consult a doctor immediately, he will simply look after your skin to rule out for the treatment

What is the Prognosis of Scalp Psoriasis? Is there a Cure?

  • Psoriasis is incurable unless there is a miracle, those afflicted need to remember that constant care is required to keep it controlled
  • With diligent attention, scalp psoriasis can be controlled.

Medications for Severe Scalp Psoriasis

scalp_psoriasisIf you are suffering from moderate to severe scalp psoriasis, your doctor may prescribe a drug you have to take from mouth or it may be pumped through a needle in a vein.

But oral medications include:-


  • The treatment is not often same for each person; it may rotate because a person’s psoriasis may become less responsive to medications after using it repeatedly
  • Systemic treatments are not commonly used just for scalp psoriasis, but also used if psoriasis is present elsewhere on the body
  • If you have a more severe case of scalp psoriasis, you may need to try different treatment plans before you find the one that works for you.
    • Corticosteroids
    • Cyclosporine
    • Methotrexate
    • A strong form of vitamin A, called a derivative
    • Vitamin D derivative
    • As these medications cause severe side effects and can damage the liver, they need special treatment
    • It’s also important to know that oral vitamin is different from vitamin supplements.
    • Ordinary vitamin A and D supplements do not help.