Homeopathic Hair Loss Treatment


Homeopathic treatment for hair loss

Hair loss as the name itself suggest falling of hair from the scalp or head, to be more accurate in medical terms it is also called as Alopecia. Further hair loss may also lead to thinning of the hair. Genetic play an important role in framing once condition. This affects both men as well as women, apart from that many factors are involved in bringing this problem to people. It becomes essential for all the people to learn various growth stages of hair. Hair loss in many cases leads to hair loss. Hair loss within itself is not a disease but it is a sign that indicates various other disorders. Hair loss may occur as a result of various other diseases also.

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Each time we comb our hair we end up breaking many of the hair strands on our comb or whenever we wash our hairs. As winter season coming into picture, dandruff problem goes ups as the scalp becomes dry, further aggravating hair loss in most people.

It will be foolishness to ask whether you love your hair or not? Right because, everyone love their hair and you have been doing all the possible curable remedies to prevent them. Still if you are not satisfied with the result switch to homeopathy. It is a form of medicine which mainly triggers the healing process in one’s body.

Factors that lead to hair loss are:-

  • Fungal infections affecting the scalp known as tinea capitis, dandruff, eczema of scalp.
  • Genetic factor
  • During menopause or after giving birth to a child
  • Hormonal changes
  • Deficiency of nutrient or lack of iron in diet
  • Recovery from disease like typhoid that leads to diffusive hair loss
  • Injury to head
  • Physical trauma
  • Suffering from general disorder such as diabetes, TB or aids
  • Taking excessive drugs like those that is used in treating high blood pressure, cancer or depression
  • Hairstyle like tight pony tails, where hair are forcefully tied up in a single string.

Homeopathic treatment for hair loss

Various Patterns of hair loss:-

  1. Alopecia Areata:- it is an auto immune related form of hair loss. The immune cell of the body starts destroying the foreign body cells. In this pattern hair loss occur in spots and patches and is common in people of age 20
  2. Baldness:– hair loses from entire scalp
  3. Telogen effluvium:- hair diffuses and hair starts thinning due to early entry of hair
  4. Androgenetic alopecia:-  this type of baldness is caused because of genetic and hormonal factor. Most common type of hair loss in men is when the hairline starts receding backwards.

Homeopathy for Hair Growth:-

  • Hair loss is not a life threatening condition but it may be due to constant stress and worrying that leads to hairline receding
  • Homeopathy very significantly may deal with all these kind of problem with excellent results.
  • Huge number of medicines are present that can cure hair loss by giving detail history of patient to the doctor
  • Case is noted down along with its symptom such as eating habits, mental symptom, after then homeopathic medicine is prescribed.

Homeopathy Treatment for Hair Loss:-

  1. Hair-aid by Bakson’s:
  • It is a hair tonic that checks dandruff which causes hair loss. It controls greying of hair and split ends too
  • It nourishes and makes the hair root strong therefore it aids hair growth and prevents the scalp from loosing hair.
  1. Scalptone by SBL:
  • This type of treatment prevents all the types of hair loss.
  • In fact it is also good for regrowing the hair naturally
  • This product comes in the form of tablet and it is free from side effects
  • It is also effective in treating dry scalp conditions and problems related to itching
  • This medicine provide good nourishment to the scalp that results in longer and stronger hair

Homeopathic treatment for hair loss

      1. Lycopodium:


      • For preventing various number of hair related problems this is one of the best homeopathic medicine
      • It is known as one of the wonderful remedy for hair loss
      • It is prepared from club moss (fungus) which is poetised for its usage.
      1. Fluoric Acid:
      • In homeopathy medicines made by hydrofluoric acid is consider as excellent remedy for hair loss
      • It works wonder for alopecia and is recommended by many of the doctors.
      1. Sepia:
      • Like most other homeopathic medicine, it can be used as spectrum of healthy problems that is useful for hair loss
      • It is made by using inky juice of cuttle fish

      Dose of medicine vary upon person to person and problem to problem, so before using it make sure to consult your doctor.