Hair Care

hair care

Hair plays an important role in shaping one’s personality. The majority of the people are facing hair fall, hair damage, and dandruff. Sometimes, Hair fall starts with age.Usually, the reasons behind hair fall are unstoppable population, hectic schedule and stress pave the way for hair fall. If hair fall is in excess then it may lead to baldness so everyone should be very careful with hair. The only permanent solution for baldness is Hair Transplant so if you are suffering from baldness, You can go to Clinicsports. It is an online medical portal which provides best clinics or doctors at the affordable cost. Although there are many good cities for hair transplant treatment in India like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Ludhiana etc but Hair Transplant in Ludhiana is good and affordable among all these cities.


There is another factor that remains ignored. In past days women use to take better of their hair, but in today’s world where people are running with lack of time they don’t even look at their hair anymore. Where today’s world is full of advanced technology people have moved from natural home remedies to chemical treatment for best and quick results. Whereas, they are not aware that quick result is not the right solution for healthy hair. People have to understand that it is high time to bring back the old remedies in order to make hair more shiner and to continue the growth cycle properly.

7 habits that women should include in his daily basis are as follows:-

  1. Shampoo sparingly:-
  • Almost all the women out there have the misconception that conditioning and shampooing every other day may help to grow their hair and making it more shiner, but according to the study two times a week is enough to shampoo your hair because on 2 or 3 day its weighted down enough.
  • Another fact is that if you are shampooing your hair alternately it dries out, shampooing twice a week may leave your hair to settle down on your scalp slowly.
  1. Switching up the products:-
  • After surveying many of the women said that they most commonly switch up with their shampoo and conditioners, so that their hair never seems to be the same all the time.
  • It is not called as only the spice in your life but also playing with the hair that may gets damaged.
  1. Go easy on brushing:-
  • Occasionally, after the research or talking with women they concluded that they rarely comb their hair, i.e. the reason their hair strands are so perfect that it grantee further investigation.
  • In order to avoid knots it becomes very necessary not to comb hair immediately after washing it from a shampoo.
  • Natural fiber brushes should be used to avoid shocks in between hair.
  • It is quiet weird not to brush your hair but after the initial blow out you can style your hair as you want

hair pyramid

  1. Drying hair naturally:-
  • Many of the women allow their hair to dry naturally because shiny, healthy and strong hair doesn’t like to style heating.
  • Most of the women are just blessed with such a wonderful hair that donor need to blow dry it or flatten it with iron, so there is no questioning of damaging it with the heat. Use of blow dry should be limited or say once a week or it should be used on the coolest setting.
  1. Trimming hair regularly:-
  • The easiest way to get rid of your split ends is to trim them regularly.
  • Women with perfect hair have the secret of trimming it every 3 months or at least 6 weeks.
  • Many of those who don’t have time to go to salons take the duty within their hand and they just simply chop their split ends at their home with help of normal scissors.
  1. Colouring the hair:-
  • Women with perfect hair don’t dye they hair at all because they are naturally very beautiful.
  • Women with fabulous hair, going out of blue or occasionally colour their hair strands or they just highlight it like just to add cherry on the cake
  1. Eat well and healthy; include food in your diet i.e. rich in vitamins and minerals.

healthy breakfast

The components for healthy breakfast are egg, yogurt, honey but they are also helpful in making hair shiner and these ingredients are affordable as well as natural. But these are not only the ones that are helpful, hair oils like avocados more closely resemble your own skin than any other products. Mild lemon is also effective and gentler on the scalp because it works as an acid. From next time on wards instead of spending so much money in spa and saloons try out these kitchen fixes it will make your hair glow and it will even save your money giving best results.